My Summer Beach Essentials

I spent almost all of July either at the beach or near the beach.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  But we all know you need certain gear to last an entire day at the beach, especially with kids.  So I put together a list of all my beach essentials & now I am sitting at work behind my desk wishing I was at the beach using all of this gear! haha … Happy Beaching!

Beach Essentials
Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker
UE Boom
We've loved this portable speaker for years. It's waterproof and the sound travels super far, which makes it perfect for the beach. We also bring it in the RZR and I've been known to stick it in my stroller cupholders too! When you're done with it, you can even rinse it off to get all the sand & dirt off of it.
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Sand Proof Beach Blanket
Isn't it the worst when you put down your beach blanket and it gets covered in sand from wind and sandy feet? This one doesn't do that at all! The sand just falls right through.
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Baby Powder
This is my secret weapon at the beach. Sprinkle a little of this on your sandy toes, give it a little wipe and the sand falls right off. We don't go to the beach without it!
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Sunglass Cord
Never lose your sunglasses at the bottom of the ocean again. Or in Braun's case, never ever wear a pair of sunglasses without a pair of chums attached to it. Also, this is Braun's favorite material of them too. They have a ton but this one is their least bulky one and they look a little nicer. If that's even possible. ;)
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Zippered Rope Sack
Braun won't go to the beach or amusement park without his Nike rope bag. It's super lightweight and holds just the right amount of stuff!
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This water bottle will keep your ice frozen for 24 hours. This limited edition ombre version is my favorite! It's small enough to fit in your bag, isn't too heavy to carry, and holds enough water to last all day.
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Hydroflask Carrier
I throw my hydroflask, phone, and keys in this carrier, throw it over my shoulder, and I'm good to go! It's even insulated so your hydroflask will stay cold for longer than 24 hours! It even protects it if you drop it!
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Women's Sunblock
This sunblock goes on your face smooth, and doesn't feel greasy under makeup. You won't even know it's there! The texture of it is unlike anything other sunscreen I've tried.
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Shade Tent
This easy pop up tent it a must for all day! It's great for the little kids to nap under or just take a quick break from the sun!
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Zippered Cooler
This cooler bag does EXACTLY what a cooler bag should do. Super light weight, easy to carry, leak proof, and keeps your food cold all day!
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Zippered Cooler
This is a great cooler as a cheaper option! This is the one I shared with my lunchbox post.. it holds 6 Yumboxes perfectly!! The backpack straps are awesome too.
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Mesh Beach Bag
This is the best bag for the beach! The sand falls right through the mesh. I ended up getting 2 of them this summer. You've gotta get one while they have it! We throw sand toys in one and our towels/sunscreens in the other!
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These are my favorites as of lately. They're so comfy!
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A New Day
I've become the mom who wear visors and fanny packs around. They're just so convenient! You can have your hair in a bun and wear a hat at the same time. This visor is at least convenient AND cute!
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Flip Flops
These are my favorite women's flip flops. They have yoga mat soles and I love the skinny strap! I'm a Sanuk girl for LIFE. Best flip flops EVER!
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Skipping Ball
This ball is SO fun! It skips across the water and is just fun to toss around at the beach.
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Striker Sports
There really is a big difference in a good frisbee, and a bad frisbee. This is a great price and works awesome at the same time!
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Full Face Snorkel Mask
Full face snorkel masks are sooo much easier than tradition snorkel gear. You're able to breathe through your nose while wearing the mask. My kids love using these ones! We got them for Hawaii last year and I am so happy that we did!!
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