Outdoor Summer Faves

Who’s excited to have their kids home for summer?! I know I am…. but it might be a different story in a few weeks haha. I’ve rounded up some awesome summer games, activities, and favorites that’ll be so great for these warm months!

Pickleball Paddle – This is one of our favorite games to play as a family! You can grab a set as well!

Beach Chair – Great for the beach, sports games, lounging at the park, you name it.

Sidewalk Chalk – What’s summer without sidewalk chalk?

Giant SORRY! – I definitely thing my family needs this! The boys would love it.

Diving Diamonds – Love these for the pool. We have some in St. George and the boys have a blast with them.

Chalk Markers – My girls used these last summer to draw on each other. Come out super bright + washes of easily.

Stanley Ice Flow – What would summer be without a Stanley in hand? haha In all seriousness, the ice flows are the best for summer because of the flip top and top handle. My kids love them!

Bubble Machine – Okay this is cool! It pumps out TONS of bubbles. It’ll keep the littles entertained for quite awhile.

Corn Hole – Perfect for a party or just to have in the backyard! Such a fun game.

Slip and Slide – When I was a kid we didn’t have these fancy slip and slides with little pads to slide down on, just a tarp and dish soap! haha This one is fun because it has 2 lanes so you can race.

Water Table – Great for toddlers! Lots of fun accessories to keep them entertained.

Mesh Bags – These are perfect for picking up shells, pool toys, etc.

Marshmallow Sticks – I just bought these for our fire pit! Super stoked to use them this summer.

Spikeball – Have you played this before? It’s so fun and a great group activity.

LED Beach Balls – I wish we had a pool! These would be so fun for night swimming or water volleyball in the dark.

Bunch O Balloons – If you are having a lot of kids overs then you’ll want to snag these. Fills hundreds of balloons in seconds. It’s a game changer.

Silicone Sand Toys – Fun for the beach, sand pit, or park!

Scout Bag – You’ve heard me rave about this bag for years. It’s for good reason! It fits so. much. stuff. I’ve had snacks, 8 pools towels, and 2 Stanleys in this bad boy and had room to spare. If you’re packing a lot of stuff for a summer activity, this is the bag!

Ladder Ball – Another fun one, just keep it away from your windows! haha

Uno Splash – Waterproof Uno. My boys are going to love this in the pool this summer.

Stanley Jug – A few weeks ago I shared that this is the jug we bring everywhere. It’s basically a community water bottle, but I love that it has a blip on the side to slip on a chain link fence when needed.

Water Gun – Great for keeping kids cool and having fun while doing it.

Tricking Board – I got this for Dash for Christmas and he has loved it. You use it on the tramp to practice tricks.

Reusable Water Balloons – Have you seen these? They’re so cool! They open up, you fill with water, then throw, over and over. Not sure I would recommend for a party, but great for every day use.

Giant Jenga – Another fun outdoor game for the whole fam.

Beach Blanket – It’s massive! It geared towards the beach, but would be great for the park or for outdoor activities too.

Splash Pad – How cute is this design? Perfect if you have littles! It has little sprinkler holes all around so it’s pretty tame.

Bike Lights – My kids are always riding their bikes and it makes me nervous that cars won’t see them at night. These lights keep them visible + your kid won’t complain because they look cool.

Square Net – We got this one last summer and have loved it! Think 4 square, but as a volleyball game. Super competitive and fun.