Pack with me!

One of my most asked questions every single time I travel is what or how I pack. Usually I’m in such a rush I totally forget to take pictures so I can post everything up here, but I finally had some chill time when I got to Hawaii that I could take some and get it all put together on the blog… if I had the kids with me that never would have happened! haha.

Tote Bag | Suitcase | Goosebumps Blanket | Stanley | Bose Headphones | Soduku Book | iPad | Smiley Pouch | Birkenstocks

I’ve shared this TUMI suitcase before, and yes, it’s pricey. However, it comes with a lifetime warranty + it is really well built. I’ve already had mine replaced once because the airline workers ripped the wheel off of my first one and they exchanged it no questions asked. We’ve spent a ton of money on carryons trying to find the best.. if we would’ve just started here, we would have never had to buy another. So just keep that in mind! I also rarely travel anywhere without my MZ Wallace bag.. The medium deluxe size has the sleeve to slip right over luggage. It truly holds so many things and is also just a good all around tote bag!

Baggu has a ton of super cute packing stuff.. they sell out kinda quick and switch up their prints pretty often. That smiley bag is part of a set of 3… here’s a bunch of other cute stuff by them! My girls and I love their stuff.

Neck Pillow | Sleep Mask | Bathing Suit | Silicone Coverups | Geometry Towel | Fuzzy Socks | Pistachios

In my carry on is of course a LOT of snacks.. but also some things to keep me entertained, some comfort items, and some just in case items. This time I packed:

  • Soduku Book
  • iPad (hellooooo working haha)
  • Bose Headphones – I’ve talked about these before but the noise cancellation on these are next level. Think AirPod Pros x100. So good.
  • Stanley – definitely didn’t keep me entertained but saved me paying for drinks on the plane. You can bring a stanley full of ice through TSA, just no liquids. Then fill it when you get into the airport in their bottle fillers.
  • Goosebumps Blanket – this comes all over the world with me.. it folds up so little and is super cozy! The kids and I all have them and we love the adult large size. I do have a code with them.. TARA for 15% off any blanket on their site.
  • Kindle Oasis – I love a good book while I’m on the plane. I actually have been reading off my kindle a lot more lately than audiobooks and I’m really enjoying it.
  • Neck Pillow – it looks a little wild, but this is 100% the best neck pillow out there for traveling
  • Sleep Mask – Very necessary. This is a total black out, so sometimes it’s a little strange to wear it in a public setting… but when the flight is long and you need a nap, these are magic!
  • Swimsuit – I ALWAYS pack a bathing suit in my carry on… remember that trip I forgot ALL of them?? awful haha. Everything I packed this trip is from summersalt.
  • Silicone Coverups – for under my bathing suit!
  • Barefoot Dreams Socks – The desire to wear sandals was real.. barefoot through TSA though? no thank you.
  • Pistachios – if you haven’t tried these yet, you totally need to! They’re so good. and GF.
  • Geometry Towel – ummm, you know my fave hand towels?? They come in beach towels now. They fold up so thin and work so good!! Code TARA15 will save you 15% on them if you wanted to grab one!
  • Hair Elastics – ya ever been in need and not have a hair elastic? If your answer is no, you’re lucky. If yes, you already know the importance of packing a bunch of these haha. I grab packs at kitsch! My code there is always TARA.

Pink Case | Black Case

I feel like what everyone is really most interested in is how I pack my toiletries, though.. Lemme tell ya, I pack a LOT of stuff in these couple of cases!! I’ll show a more opened up view next.. haha. prepare yourselves! Quick note about the calpak pink case — I have both sizes and much prefer the mini size. The larger one is just too big.

To say I pack a lot of stuff might be an understatement haha. I seriously pack enough for probably a month.. but ya never know what you may need. Better to be over prepared than under, right??

Here are a few of my favorite toiletry items:

  • Cocofloss Toothbrush (and floss!) – you guys hear me talk about these quite a bit. They are the fluffiest toothbrushes out there and actually clean your teeth.. same with the floss. It’s like pulling a cloud between your teeth! Code TARA saves you 20% sitewide.
  • Toothbrush Travel Head – because my toothbrush touching all the things freaks me out. I always cover it.
  • Billie Razor + Travel Head – the best of the best. All shavers in our family use these. The travel case is a must
  • Wisp Max Fresh on the go toothbrushes – these are the best for after a meal, on the go, etc. It’s not a total replacement for a toothbrush but does the trick if you need a quick refresh. The end is also a little pick + helps get gunk out of your teeth.
  • Flat Pill Case – this is one of my favorites. I pack way more than needed, but it’s got stuff for migraines, poop pills, ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc… I’ll link a bunch of my favorite pill cases below!!
  • DIME Wonderscreen – this is a new release from DIME and it’s amazing. Think Supergoop!, but 100% clean ingredients. Plus my Code TARA20 will always work on it!
  • Deodorant – I’m still so happy they finally brought back my favorite Donna Karan deodorant. This will forever be my favorite I think!
  • Jack Black Lip Balm – I don’t know if you remember, but this stuff literally saved my lips when we were on vacation awhile ago and I seriously will never travel without it. It’s the best lip product with SPF out there IMO.
  • Butterfly Clips – I’m so happy these are making a comeback haha. They’re so cute and my fave!


That Calpak makeup case is FULL of a ton of stuff. I’ve shared my favorite makeup items before HERE.. and I also am still loving my items I grabbed from last year’s fenty beauty sale.. the codes and stuff linked in the blog aren’t active anymore but all the shades and what I love from there is all linked up.

A few other things:

  • Diamond Cleaning Stick – I’ve used this one for years! It works great.
  • Nail Clippers – literally everyone in our house has different opinions on which nail clippers are the best… this is my set.. but I love all the rest of the stuff in THIS SET braun bough EVERY single guy in our family this year.
  • Kitsch Travel Containers – They have the cutest set of travel containers and I love using them! They seriously thought of everything in their set.. and of course my hair towel comes everywhere too. My Code TARA is currently 30% off!
  • Cadence Capsules – They’re a little spendy up front.. but seriously I have loved them. I keep everything I need in there and they hold at least a week or two’s worth of product. Moisturizer, face wash, serums, creams, vitamins.. you can mix and match colors and their lids are customizable. I tried to get a code for you guys and have been trying but they haven’t answered yet! 🙁 They’re 100% leakproof.
  • Brandless Beauty Activator – Guys… this face scrubbing/cleansing device is amazing! it’s that pink thing up there by the cadence capsules. First, it’s 100% waterproof.. so no matter what I pack it with I don’t have to worry about it. Second, it’s 100% waterproof so I can use it in the shower with no concerns. Third, it’s silicone. So there’s no worrying about gunk building up and going back into your face. It used to be a not so cute green color and I’ve had that one forever soooo I’m pretty excited it’s finally cute!! It’s got an LED screen and has like a 3 year warranty on it which is incredible. They gave me a code: TARA so you guys can save 10%!
  • Mirror – This cute little mirror (under billie) is perfect for on the go. It folds up so it never gets scratched or damaged too.

I get lots of questions on how much the Lululemon Belt Bag holds… Truthfully, a lot!! And it’s got good organizational pockets inside which is helpful. In my belt bag:

Charger Case | Small Anker | Big Anker | White MagSafe Charger

If braun has taught me anything.. it’s how to have organized chargers haha. This is that little wireless charger. See it??? Waaaay up there teeny tiny in the left hand corner. Amazing, right!?!? It’s a literal powerhouse for how small it is. This is the case it’s in. This is the big charger that you see in it! It comes with this charger + a cord! I charge my laptop, iPad + the kids’ Nintendo switches on it when we are on the go. It’s a little expensive but works super well. The white square charger up there is this little contraption. It can do my watch and my phone.

Random totes and packing cubes… All of these basically fold up into absolutely nothing when they’re not being used so it all fits really good in a suitcase!!

  • Striped Tote – this was actually a new purchase for the trip! It’s an Aloha Collection bag. it’s a wet bag made with the plastic feeling material.. it’s splash proof – not waterproof (because liquid could get in by the top zipper), but it’s perfect for a beach day and throwing a wet bathing suit in when not in use. They have a ton of cute prints available.
  • Black Backpack – this is a reallllly old Lululemon bag.. They don’t have it anymore, but it’s lasted forever and the quality is really good. maybe you can find it on a sale site?? It’s called the All Set Convertible Backpack (13L)
  • Lululemon Belt Bag – see above for how I use it! I bring my belt bag everryyyyyyyywhere.
  • Brixley Packing Cubes – another thing that I’ve had forever that have held up amazing! I do have a code for those.. TARA10 🙂 My girls love their crossbody bags from them. They have the cutest stuff on preorder!!

Okay.. that was A LOT! haha. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out and ask!! If I get lots of the same I’ll totally update this blog post and add whatever I can 🙂