Skincare Routine

Before I even start this, I really want to preface by saying that I feel like skincare for me is 50% and treatments (microneedling, 3 vampire facials, IPL and a peel) I’ve done are the other 50% as to why my skin is so much better than it was a few years ago… I wish I could attribute it all to skincare but I know that’s not going to give 100% results! I had DARK freckles and uneven skin til I started those. Also.. there was a time I had to be on spironolactone to get rid of cystic acne last year too so just say I know skincare isn’t a one size fits all situation and we adjust accordingly.. so, here’s where I’m currently at with my skincare routine:



TULA Cult Cleanser – I’ve tried so many other cleansers over the past three years and I come back to this one every single time.. It’s clean, it’s good. It’s what my girls use. It cleans your skin without stripping your skin. You can use my Code TARA to save 15% off anything on their site, it even stacks with their pre-discounted sets.


Two times a week I use the TULA exfoliator.. they have three different types currently. My go-to is the so polished – it leaves me with the best glow and super soft skin. Right now they have the so refreshing which is extremely limited and smells SO good.. they brought it back this year and I’m super surprised but I don’t know if they will continue to do so.. It sold out within a day when it first launched, so I would grab it quick.. Code TARA saves you 15% off!

I also frequently use the ELEMIS dynamic resurfacing pads. They’re kind of spendy, but you can cut them in half and make them last double the time!


If I’m extra dry I use skinbae. My code TDETARA will get you free shipping.


I usually reach for my regular ELEMIS marine cream moisturizer! I love all of their face creams, and use others at night.. I’ll link those in the next section.

If it’s not ELEMIS, I’m reaching for the TULA 24/7 Moisturizer (Code TARA for 15% off!). It’s a good one. It’s thicker, though. So if you are sensitive to thicker creams, it might not be great for you. My girls really love the CeraVe moisturizer which is thinner – tween skincare linked here.


I use a couple of things here.. if I’m going light on the makeup for the day, I’ll use Glow Screen by Supergoop! If I plan on a full get-ready-day, I’ll use the TULA SPF or the normal Supergoop (also Braun’s fave)! Both are really great SPF coverage and neither one of them are greasy at all. If you’re going with TULA, my code there is TARA for 15% off!

From here is where I pick up my daily makeup routine… the blog post for that is linked here.


Makeup Remover:

For eye makeup I always use Lancôme Eye Makeup Remover.. It’s so gentle and never burns or irritates my eyes at all. A little bit goes a LONG way with this stuff. For facial makeup I use the cleansing balm from ELEMIS – more on that next 😉


My favorite night time cleanser is this cleansing balm from ELEMIS! It’s really what got me hooked on ELEMIS.. my friend Rachel tried it first and told me I had to try it, and I haven’t stopped since. It’s the best for removing makeup super easily and gently. It locks the moisture in your skin and doesn’t strip it at all. I like all of them but faves are rose and the yellow. QVC usually always has the best deals on the cleansing balm and there’s usually a code or two kicking around their site you can use too.

Other Creams + Serums:

For night time I alternate obagi eye brightening cream and obagi growth factor eye serum – kinda pricey, but lasts a long time alternating and your under eye are is so small that you really don’t need much at all. Dermstore usually has a 15% off code, right now it’s WELCOME15.


Every other night I do a retinol from Skin medica. If you can get a script, do tretinoin from a doc. Both skin spas I’ve gone to says that’ll give best results over so many lotions and potions. 😂 I’ve never tried this retinol cream – but there’s amazing reviews on amazon.. I did used to use that brand’s eye cream and it was good!


At night, it’s ELEMIS.. I use their ultra rich marine cream or their night cream at night! (this set from QVC is really good for day and night!)


Dime Zit Patches are great! My girls and I use those and actually SO many of you have given good feedback not only for yourselves, but your sons too! 🙂 I also really like the Hero Cosmetics mighty patch + the nose strips.