Tech Tuesday: Keeping Your Tech Clean

Any time I go into a building lately that is not my home, the process looks something like this:

  • don mask
  • put on gloves
  • if gloves are not required, sanitize hands as soon as I get into said building
  • sign in (if for appt)
  • sanitize once again
  • don’t touch anything the entire time (impossible)
  • get back in my car
  • sanitize my hands
  • take off my mask
  • and then touch my phone

It’s a little much. And this doesn’t even cover keeping my phone clean. The one thing that is pressed against my face, in my hands non-stop, and pretty much touching every surface imaginable.

If you’re spraying your tech with Windex, you’re doing it wrong

If you’ve ever tried to spray your electronics only to watch the screen get damaged and the electronics to malfunction, you probably quickly learned that that’s not the way to go. One thing you learn when you’re a tech junkie is that microfiber cloths are a must, Q-tips and rubbing alcohol are never a bad idea, and alcohol wipes are your best friend.

Most people only clean their tech (remotes, handheld gaming devices, key remotes, tablets, phones, etc) when the buildup of crumbs could feed a small nation or the screen looks like you dragged a greasy hamburger across the surface. But that’s not quite good enough!

with the outbreak of the COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to keep your tech clean!

Now, more than ever, keeping your tech clean (arguably the thing you touch the most frequently throughout the day) is one of the best ways to keep you, and your family, germ-free. In 2012, scientists at the University of Arizona discovered that most cell phones carry ten times more bacteria than toilet seats. And that was eight years ago. And considering how much more we use tech now than we did in 2012, I GUARANTEE that things haven’t gotten cleaner.

So here are my top tips + tricks for keeping your tech (and you) germ-free!

Wash Your Hands

You’ve heard it a million times and from every direction but the #1 thing you can do to keep germs at bay is to wash our hands. Experts stress the importance of regularly washing your hands thoroughly with soap or sanitizer for at least 20 seconds. There’s no point keeping your phone clean if you’re hands are covered in germs and bacteria. Every time you touch your phone or other tech and NOT washing your hands in between, you are transferring germs unnecessarily.

Use Alcohol Wipes

Apple recently updated its online instructions to reflect that you can, in fact, use disinfectant wipes to clean your Apple devices. According to Apple’s support website, you can use Clorox Disinfecting Wipes or 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipes to wipe the display, keyboard, and other exterior surfaces of your Apple devices as long as you avoid getting moisture in any of the device’s openings.

I’ve actually been using these alcohol screen-cleaning wipes for years. I keep them in my car console, my purses, in my kitchen – anywhere I would be hanging out using my phone or laptop. These can also be used to wipe handles, play equipment, surfaces, or really anything else you might touch.

Clorox disinfectant wipes and alcohol along with microfiber cloths will also sterilize your tech!

Use Smart Tech To Keep Your Smart Tech clean

And last but not least, and probably my most favorite ways to keep tech + everything else I touch clean, is my SaniBeam. This blog post is not sponsored by them in any way – I just freaking love this tool.

First off, I love this as an alternative to chemicals or liquids and is what I have been using as a defense against invisible germs lurking on all the objects I touch at home or outside. With a press of a button, a high-energy beam of UVC (ultraviolet C) light at a 270nm germicidal wavelength is emitted from the specialized LED, effectively sanitizing surfaces in seconds. The SaniBeam™ UVC light damages DNA of bacteria and viruses, rendering up to 99% unable to replicate – totally killing germs and stopping COVID-19 in its tracks.


Secondly, this thing is small, fits in my palm, and is rechargeable. That means you can get rid of single-use items like wipes.

Point, Scan, Done!

That’s how easy it is to use this thing. You can sanitize your phone, toothbrushes, utensils, toilet seats, hotel items, airplane tray, baby products, keys, door handles, ATM buttons, pens, TV remote, and any other personal belongings on the go! + it’s an FDA Registered Device.

And at $59.99 it’s really affordable. It has become my new best friend!

    What’s included:

    • savingsSaniBeam
    • USB charging cord
    • 1xUser manual
    • 1x UV-C testing card. When UV light shines on the testing card, the logo will appear.  This alerts the user that UVC light is being emitted)

I reached out to SaniBeam and they gave me a discount code so you guys can get 10% off your entire purchase. Use code TARA and lock in those savings!

• • • • •

Regardless of your tech or needs, I truly hope all of you are taking steps to protect yourself and your family during these crazy times! Have you tried the SaniBeam? Tell me in the comments below!

Xv Tara

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  1. 6.24.20
    Jenny said:

    Hi! Thanks so much for such awesome recs! Is there a specific link to the SaniBeam I can use to order? I searched online and found it but wanted to see if you had an affiliate link before I order.

  2. 6.24.20
    Nancy said:

    I carry the Kleenex anti-bacterial wipes, great, but a huge pack to add to your purse. Use hand sanitizer constantly. Use wipes for drink cups from drive through or curbside pickup. Use wipes on the mail, ran out of Lysol spray last month. Use wipes on all grocery items, only use curbside pickup, and it turns into quite the process. The process is the same here with a mask. And always sanitize my hands before removing mask. Its constant everyday on so much. So many wipes used. Saw the Sanibeam you showed. Throughly read info and ordered it! I know it will make life easier with less waste! Thanks for posting about it!

  3. 6.24.20
    Tara Thueson said:

    Isn’t the daily grind of just keeping things clean INSANE! I had to find something else and I’m so glad there are smart people out there making life easier! I hope you love your Sanibeam as much as I do!

  4. 6.24.20
    Tara Thueson said:

    Hi Jenny! You can order through their website and then use my code TARA for 10% off! And I believe it’s on sale right now and will stack with the sale discount!