Top 22 of 2022

Okay… wasn’t it just 2021?? I thought last year went by fast, but 2022 was even quicker. We had so many fun memories, vacations, and new pets (probably my fave part of 2022)!

Are you ready for a round-up of the most purchased items in 2022?? I love seeing what varies from year to year and what stays consistent. If you want to check out what was popular in 2021 – HERE is the link to the Top 21 of 2021 blog post!

Stanley Tumblers – Are we shocked? I definitely am not haha. These are a hot item, especially at the beginning of the year. I take either the Iceflow or Quencher everywhere I go. Braun and the kids love the Iceflow, but I prefer the Quencher. They came out with the cutest matte tumblers and I’m obsessed.

Red Aspen – Red Aspen has sooo many good products. From tanning, makeup, nail dashes… Who has time to go get their nails done anymore? I sure don’t. I started using the nail dashes in 2020 and never looked back. $14 for a 2 week mani? Sign me up! If you haven’t tried them.. well, they are the best. There are so many designs and colors to choose from.

Shine Lipgloss + BB cream – In 2020 you guys really showed up for me when I collaborated with Shine to produce Goals + Bloom. In 2021 you BLEW ME AWAY with your complete love and excitement over the Lip Velvet in 5 colors. I use their BB cream every single day and it gives the best finish. My code is TARA and it works sitewide! 

Geometry Towels – I don’t know what I did before these towels. Gosh they are good. They always come out with the cutest designs and prints. The most absorbent towels I’ve ever used. Code TARA saves ya 15%.

Phillips Trimmer – I’m not surprised that this one is #5.. Who wants there husbands to have a hairy neck and back? haha KIDDING. Braun has had this for 2 years and it’s still so sharp. I cut the boys’ hair with it too. Comes with so many attachments, so you’ve got options.

Coconu – For some of your husbands I’m known as the “lube lady”, which I am 100% okay with! haha. I don’t know what to tell you if you haven’t started using this lube, it’s the best and we use for more then just foolin’ around., things like dry skin, sunburns, all the things. It’s 100% natural and amazing. I prefer the oil based for it’s main purpose if you catch my drift! My code is TARA.

Dior Cuticle Cream – One jar will last you years. I swear by this stuff and use it every night. Keeps your cuticles so hydrated.

Dime Beauty – You guys have sold out of the Dan Les Bois (my absolute fave) and perfume sample kit over and over again this year! There clean ingredient products are amazing… The eyelash growth serum is the only that I can use without getting a reaction. My code is TARA2O.

Moji – I have had these all over my house for years and it keeps alllll the scents at bay. My main concern with getting the cats was the smell, and these have been the greatest and keeping my house smelling so good. There are so many scents to choose from to fit what you like best. My code is TARA10.

Home Edit Clear Bins – I have these all over my house. They are awesome bins for organization and I love that they stack. Such a great price point too!

LuluLemon Belt Bag – One of the hottest trends this year (and last) in my opinion and I’m happy about it. This bag is the most convenient thing ever. So great for traveling or if you don’t want to lug a purse around.

Magnetic Pill Case – I took this with me to Hawaii and have had it with me every since. There are two sizes, I tend to use the bigger one (because I carry A LOT of stuff). So easy to pack the essentials, throw in your purse, and go! I have 5 of them stashed all over the place, but I think my car is where it’s most used.

Free People – You know my love for Free People. There were some amazing finds this year. Most of the time I’m shopping in the FP Movement section.. that’s where I definitely run the bill up. So many good, QUALITY things. Here were a few of your faves!

  1. Quilted Carry All
  2. Hailee Sweater Set
  3. Camden Sweatshirt
  4. Training Day Jumpsuit
  5. The Way Home Shorts
  6. Hokas
  7. Timko Pants
  8. In a Bubble Puffer Vest

Beddy’s – If you have bunkbeds these are a must. The easiest beds to make and my life has been changed. They also just came out with the most genius duvet covers! My whole family has them on their beds and we have them in our St. George house. My code is TARA.

Foot Peel Mask – So gross and so satisfying all at the same time. Braun uses these all the time. It will leave your feet baby soft. You use them and within the next couple of days all the dead skin and nastiness starts to flake and peel off.

Elemis – This stuff is so good. I use it every day and you guys have loved it as well! The top Elemis sold was the Pro Collagen Marine Cream.

Shark Wandvac – I tested so many similar handheld vacuums and this one came out as the winner. The best suctions, so sleek, and lightweight. I LOVE it and use it daily on my counters and in drawers.

Kitsch Products – The hair towels were my first love. Leave the frizz and damage behind with this puppy. I even travel with it because it’s so much better then having a towel on the top of my head. My code TARA should work sitewide. They have so many amazing products, some of your faves were:

  1. Satin Scrunchies
  2. Heartless Curls
  3. Hairbrush cleaner
  4. Spa Headband
  5. Satin Pillowcase
  6. Hair Elastics
  7. Hair Ties

Clean Simple Eats – You guys love this stuff just as much as I do. This is the the best protein powder I’ve ever had and the only one I’ll use! I personally like the Banana Foster the best, but you can’t go wrong with any flavor. It’s honestly magic how they get them all to taste good. Code TARAwill save you 10%.

Goosebumps Blankets – Pretty much the most genius blanket ever created. An adult swaddle blanket that my entire family loves. We take them everywhere with us and they fold up so small, making them the perfect travel blanket. My code for them is TARA for 15% off… this changes time to time but it’s usually always good on their adult swaddles. This makes the best gift for any occasion!

Our Place – Quite honestly the best cookware I’ve ever used. They came out with a cast iron line this year and that has been my go to. But, I use their products every day. Such great quality and so many uses, especially for the Always Pan and Perfect Pot. I have a few blog posts talking about these products, you can find them HERE.

Aerie Sweatshirt – I was gifted one of these bad boys on a work trip and immediately bought 5 more. It is so. dang. good. I bought both the small and extra small, it’s oversized! Comes in so many colors and is the comfiest.