Top 21 of 2021

Anyone else feel like 2020 was the longest year in existence and 2021 was the quickest?? Where the heck did it go? We had our fair share of crap happen this year, but also crossed some big things off our bucket lists and had a lot of fun. Here’s to the next two months of signing the date wrong and attempting a save.. at least turning a 1 into a 2 isn’t all that bad.

Are you ready for a round-up of the most purchased items in 2021?? I love pulling this together every year to see what was “trendy” and comparing it year to year to see how things carried though. This year we totally have some overlap and I’m kinda glad it’s not masks and hand sanitizer haha. If you want to check out what was popular in 2020 – HERE is the link to the top 20 of 2020 blog post!

Red Aspen Nail Dashes – This has definitely been the year of stay-at-home manis + I can’t blame ya. I’m doing the same, and probably will forever haha. I do still love a good pedicure though. For $13-15 for TWO manis versus a salons $40-50 for ONE mani, you really can’t go wrong. If you haven’t tried these nail dashes yet, you should make it a goal for 2022!

Free People definitely took over as a trend this year + I found SO many items I really loved from there.. I have a whole blog post showing a bunch of my favorites HERE. The top from 2021 were:

  1. Hot Shot Onesie + Romper
  2. The Way Home Shorts
  3. Linen Blend Pants

Neck Fan – this one still makes me laugh. When I shared this I never expected it to be as loved as it is. So many of you even came back with amazing feedback on it. It really was the best sitting by the pool. Braun loved it for golfing.. Lots of you are or are married to warehouse workers, mow lawns, or other things in hot spaces and said this was a life saver this summer! Some even brought it to Disney with them.

St Tropez Tanning Mousse – this was my favorite tanning mousse I found in 2021 when I kicked the spray gun. It goes on super well, shows up quickly + stays the longest of all I tried. QVC has 2 bottles for the price of 1 in this bundle if you use their codes! If you’re looking for a more natural approach with the best ingredients, Red Aspen mastered that this year! I used it a couple of times so far and I’m really enjoying their tanning line.

Stanley – another major trend picked up this year haha! Well, really the end of last but they started making (somewhat) for the masses this year. They nailed it with the iceflow series IMO. It’s Braun and the kids’ favorite cups ever. I still carry my quencher with me everywhere except when we travel!

Loopy Phone Cases – same guys. I’ve kept up with all the new patterns and then got a new phone and had to start over again haha! I will never use another phone case. I’ve tried so many different ones and I come back to Loopy every single time (within days, literally). We’ve never had a phone screen break since we started using these! You can use code TARA10 on one case or TARA15 on multiple cases to save a bit of extra money on your next order.

Car mount compatible with Loopy – It has taken me YEARS to find this… I’ve been using Loopy Cases since at least 2014 and in 2021 I finally found a car mount compatible with a loopy case. I have tried probably hundreds at this point, thank gosh for good return policies haha. This one is nice because it’s pretty much compatible with all vehicles. You can grab dash, vent or windshield mounting options but be sure to grab the orbiter version!! HERE is the blog post with how I use mine (HINT: ya don’t have to stick the ugly magnet on the outside of your case)

Shine Products – In 2020 you guys really showed up for me when I collaborated with Shine to product Goals + Bloom, a normal gloss color. In 2021 you BLEW ME AWAY with your complete love and excitement over our newest collab to create Lip Velvet in 5 colors. I really wanted a cross over between a gloss and a matte – so I brought the idea to them and we hit the ground running and launched the first 5 colors handpicked by me! Since the launch, they’ve produced a few amazing new colors too. My code is TARA and it works sitewide! 🙂

Geometry House Towels – if you have one or some, you know why these are in the top. They’re large kitchen towels that come in the most incredible prints! They get softer with every wash and they soak up EVERYTHING and never wrinkle. This year they introduced a bunch of new products, including a smaller version of the towels which are perfect for bathrooms! My code is always TARA15 for 15% off your order on their site.

Clean Simple Eats – If you’ve been on the protein powder hunt.. here is your last stop. Seriously, this stuff is amazing… It mixes into milk, water, whatever you want it too without feeling gritty or chalky PLUS it tastes incredible and is made with clean ingredients (which is sadly hard to come by these days). If you’re gluten free like me, it’s a great option. If you’re thinking about heading in a healthier direction for 2022, their site has a lot of great stuff to help you along the way. My code is TARA if you see something you like! My favorite flavors are caramel toffee, snickerdoodle + bananas foster. HERE is a blog post with how I make my shakes, but each bag of protein comes with 6 recipes for you to try!

Apple Slicer – this one is another that makes me laugh a bit. Who knew something so simple could become so popular??? If you have this apple slicer you totally know why. The 16 smaller slices are amazing – also not risking your finger punching out the last bit is THE BEST. Just push all the way down and the apple will come popping out (literally, sometimes they pop up so watch it 🙂 )

Nike Flex Runners – these were on the top sellers last year too. They’re that good! Mom tip 1: buy your kids slip-ons so you don’t have to spend every waking minute tying and retying shoes. Mom tip 2: don’t forget your child exclusively wears said slip-ons and fail to teach them how to tie their shoes until they’re 8. Whoops. Yes I did that. These are our longtime favorite kids’ shoes! Durable, comfy, go with everything, and easy to put on. The perfect back-to-school shoe.

Coconu – I should add up the amount of ounces total they told me that was sold using my link/code because it’s insane! haha. I hope you are loving it!! PS. Valentine’s Day is coming up 😉 My code is TARA!

ELEMIS products – I think I share an ELEMIS deal just about every single month on QVC.. this stuff has truly made such a huge difference in my skin! It’s full of collagen and super hydrating, but this year I tried a bunch of their other products too. I have a blog post HEREELEMIS’s sit occasionally has amazing deals, but truthfully, QVC has the best typically!

Our Place Always Pan + Perfect Pot – If you haven’t grabbed yourself some of their cookware yet, you totally need to join the rest of us who did in 2021! There are a lot of us haha! This year they came out with their Perfect Pot which was an amazing addition to their lineup, along with the cutting board and knives… I can’t wait to see what’s to come this year! I have a few blog posts talking about these products, you can find them HERE.

Lululemon Belt Bag – this is my all time favorite fanny… it’s perfect for ALL the time haha. At one point they had a ton of color options, but they’ve dwindled from Christmas purchases I’m guessing because they’re pretty slim pickings right now. I run with this, I take this to every theme park and on every vacation. It fits just enough stuff (which is quite a bit) and has a few organization pockets inside.

Goosebumps Blankets – These are the blankets we take across the world with us! Even the largest size folds up super small. Every single one of us have multiple and we all love them. They’re super stretchy, super cozy – but NOT super sweaty hot which is probably my favorite feature. They’re great for all climates. My code for them is TARA for 15% off… this changes time to time but it’s usually always good on their adult swaddles. This makes the best gift for any occasion!

Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops – these are a carry forward from last year… they have been my go-to facial tanner for awhile now. They apply so evenly and easily. I buy the dark drops and just use a couple instead of buying light and using a ton of them. I like to get the best bang for my buck haha. QVC usually has a great deal on two bottles for the price of one, plus they always have discount codes on their site!

Amazon Travel Essentials – I bought a bunch of new stuff this year and shared it all on the ‘gram… Here were your favorites:

  1. Toiletry Bag
  2. Clear Cases
  3. Travel Bottles
  4. Sleep Mask
  5. Colored Large Pill Case
  6. White Medium Pill Case
  7. Purple individual Pill Cases

Modere Products – I’ve used this liquid collagen for over a year now… I primarily began sharing it with you guys in 2021 and you’ve seen huge differences when using it too! I have a big blog post over the benefits of Modere HERE. I also started using the trim and burn line this year. My code TARA will save you $10

Moji – my favorite way to make my house smell so dang good. Even Jett’s little buddy says he likes to come over because my house smells good. From a 6 year old, I’ll take that compliment haha! These don’t use any heat or flame, just a fan and an essential oil packed pod. I tell ya about these guys alllll the time and I probably won’t stop. I have a blog post that explains them and all the movie parts HERE!