My Top 20 From 2020

If I had to do 2020 all over again just so I could discover Nail Dashes…it might be worth it! Spending more time at home and having to get creative about my personal ‘upkeep’ was a fun process. I don’t know about you but I definitely feel better when my hair is done, I’m ready for the day, my nails are looking janky, and I’ve got a little color to my skin – you know, something that says, “I’ve gone outside in the past few days to catch some sun and now have a healthy glow,” instead of, “I’m so natural-light deprived that my skin literally glows in the dark.” And this deal on my favorite tanning drops solved the latter! (Use code OFFER for an extra $10 off!)


But for my nails, Nail Dashes were my saving grace! And so many of you love them as well. It’s been my absolute FAVORITE product to share this year and it comes in as #1!

Who would ever have thought that press-on nails would be a thing again? And don’t worry, these babies are not your mom’s 1983 press-ons. They’re thin, feel exactly like dip, and actually stay on. In fact, I share my packs with Anisten so we get 2 full sets out of each pack + each pair is reusable. I actually bought this case to store all of mine! Each pack is $13 but even less if you decide you want to join. It’s definitely not necessary but the perks are savings up to 35% and you can earn $$ and rewards when friends and family shop through your link! You can learn more about joining HERE.


Your second favorite product this year was Geometry House and if you have one or some, you know why. They’re large kitchen towels that come in the most incredible prints! They get softer with every wash and they soak up EVERYTHING! You can always snag them HERE and make sure you use the code TARA15 to get 15% off your entire purchase.

And make sure you check out their new art deco print collection – it’s incredible!


• • •


A big milestone for me was launching my personal lipgloss GOALS with Shine Cosmetics and this past year showed me how much you guys love it as well – which is the only stamp of approval that matters! It was such a labor of love and it’s such a scary thing to do to put yourself out there. And then you guys showed up again when I launched my second gloss, Bloom. You can shop both colors HERE and use code TARA to get 10% off your entire purchase!

These are your top 3 favorite links and I love that we have so many shared interests! It makes it fun to share and I honestly get excited when I find things and know that you’ll get as excited as I do!

But outside of these top 3, you guys definitely had a top 20. These are the products that beat out the rest by a long shot! So I’ve rounded them up and listed them here. If you happened to miss them, here they are all in one place!

THE TOP 20 of 2020

Honestly, this is the most 2020 list of 2020. Masks, basics, things for anxiety, dog stuff…I mean this graphic could be in some history book somewhere for when people look up the year 2020.


1) QALO DOG TAG: You know what’s fun? Finally getting to the stage where all of your kids sleep through the night, only to be woken up nightly by the clinking of your pup’s tags echoing through your home. I had no idea how much I needed these silicone tags for my dogs until we got them! Keeps that annoying jangling away, they’re super sturdy, and of course, cute!


2) BILLIE RAZOR: Best $9 you’ll spend all year. And honestly, I love creating good experiences for my girls when it comes to hygiene!


• • •


3) KINKY CURLY CURLING CUSTARD: Approximately 53 products and a thousand tears later, we’ve found this curly-haired girl’s dream hair product! I had no idea how hard it could be to find just the right product to tame the tresses while keeping those pretty curls bouncy and intact. We’ve tried just about everything out there and this is one we absolutely love! So many things we’ve tried have left her mane feeling crunchy and Ramen noodle-esque but this stuff keeps her hair soft and lively. I even use it on my looser curls and love it!


• • •

4) DIAMOND DOT ART: Diamond (dot art) is a girl’s best friend! Have you tried these yet? My girls have been loving these! Super fun little hobby, and a great way to spend a snowy, cold indoor afternoon. We’ve tried tons of different sets and have finally found some that are frame-worthy! Creative little activity that actually makes adorable art.

5) ALWAYS PAN: I’m not quite sure why men always get the “293-in-1” gadgets marketed to them but someone finally got smart and made something that’s for everybody who spends time in the kitchen. You’ve seen this pan floating around IG and you’ve probably wondered if it’s worth the money because it’s just too pretty! Admit it, you judged it before you got to know it…and from one person who cooks to another, this pan is totally worth the splurge! The Always Pan replaces your fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest. It’s the equivalent of someone having brains and beauty. But it’s in your kitchen and it’s the 8-in-1 pan with beauty and brains you never knew you needed.


6) TULA SKINCARE TRAVEL KIT: TULA is my staple skincare and I don’t go anywhere without it. This travel set makes the perfect stocking stuffer and you can use code TARATHUESON to get 15% off your purchase!


• • •

7) 1” MERKABA CRYSTAL: I could sit in traffic with my anxiety and pick all my nails off…But I decided to get my hands on something that would keep them busy and my anxiety at bay! I am loving this little crystal – it helps me stay calm and focused and it actually pretty fun to fidget with!

8) COLORFUL KNIT KID’S MASKS: Like the nude masks I love from Etsy, but these also come in kid’s sizes and my kids love them! They’re also super inexpensive ($3) and your kids must love them as well because it made this list!

9) MAGNETIC TILES: If you buy one toy this year or next, get these. Your kids will love these and regardless of ages they are going to play with them all the time. It’s a toy I often find them using together and playing well together. And as you buy additional sets they can all be mixed together.

10) NIKE SLIP-ONS: Mom tip 1: buy your kids slip-ons so you don’t have to spend every waking minute tying and retying shoes. Mom tip 2: don’t forget your child exclusively wears said slip-ons and fail to teach them how to tie their shoes until they’re 8. Whoops. These are our longtime favorite kids’ shoes! Durable, comfy, go with everything, and easy to put on. The perfect back-to-school shoe.

11) CAT & JACK KIDS’ FACE MASK: COVID…but make it cute. I found these super cute masks for kids and it’s making masking wearing a little easier for my littles. They’ve got boy and girl prints available, the masks are comfier than most I’ve found, and they actually fit me too! The price is so good too.


• • •

12) HANGING TALL MIRROR: If you’ve ever dragged a step stool into your bathroom then performed Cirque Du Soleil worthy moves just to be able to get a full view of your outfit, this one is for you. My favorite full-length mirror! Sleek, modern, simple, and most importantly, allows for a head-to-toe view of your #ootd.

13) NERDS GUMMY CLUSTERS: Obviously when Kate Moss said “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” she had not tried these. Or honestly basically any food, but that is beside the point. These are so dang good! The texture is the perfect mix of chewy and crunchy and the flavor is my favorite tangy and sweet combo. Seriously, so amazing and so addicting. Grab a bag for yourself and one for the rest of our family to share.

14) NUDE MASKS: I always wanted to start a collection. I just didn’t plan on it being a collection of masks. 2020, you’re a weird one. You know I love a good neutral and these are exactly that! Go with everything, great colors, no crazy designs, and super well made.

15) ISLE OF PARADISE TANNING DROPS DUO: If you know me, you know I love a good self-tanner and these drops have long been one of my favorites. I’ve used them for years so when I saw them for $18 each right now my jaw about hit the floor! I’ve never seen them even close to this price! I mean, they’re $35 right now for a single bottle at Sephora. Whoa. To get an additional $10 off use code OFFER at checkout. Heads up – if you’ve bought from here before you’ll need to use an email address you haven’t used before to lock in this price!


• • •

16) LEOPARD PRINT SWEATSHIRT: If the idea of shopping at Abercrombie transports you back to the days of clouds of cologne that could be spotted from a city away and shirtless men in jackets serving as “greeters” let me introduce you to the new and improved Abercrombie. I’ve been loving so much of their store lately, and this cute oversized sweatshirt is at the top of my list! I actually have it in two colors, both cheetah of course. Love the bit of a baggier fit and the style is perfect. Fits TTS but size up if you want it roomier!

17) RIBBED WHITE T-SHIRT: My friend walked in wearing this shirt last night and within 15 seconds I had asked her where it was from and petted her shoulder to check the fabric. That’s normal right? Anyway, it fits cute (those sleeves.. 😍) the body of it isn’t too long which means it’s great to tuck in! Comes in a bunch of colors too..

18) METHOD FRAGRANCE BOOSTER: I go out into the world feeling better about interacting with more people because so many of you have purchased this stuff so you all must smell amazing! As an individual who does her fair share of laundry, I want it to smell good! And I love my Dropps but this is my secret weapon for good smelling laundry all the time!

19) ISLE OF PARADISE HYGLO SELF-TAN FACE & BODY SERUM KITI’m a big fan of sunless tanner but let’s be honest 90% of them kind of make ya look like a direct descendant of Mr. Oompa Loompa himself. Snooki circa 2009 anyone?? If diving into the world of self tanner makes you nervous this is a great way to start. This is a gradual tanner that’s buildable AND it actually has skincare built in it. It’s packed full with hyaluronic acid in it so its super moisturizing – use the small one on your face in place of your morning moisturizer and the big one on your body in place of lotion. This is for more of a subtle tan so I like using their self-tanning drops to jumpstart my tan and this one to maintain.

20) WOMEN’S SLIM FIT SHORT SLEEVE T-SHIRTThe perfect t-shirt does not ex… okay wait wrong it exists and you’re lookin’ at it. Every time I wear this tee out and about someone stops and asks where it’s from! Considering I own this I’m basically every color and wear it on the daily that’s a lot of inquiries. So here it is, my favorite every day dress up or dress down shirt!


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