Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boys 2022

For the kids, we like to keep it pretty simple. These are some things my boys have and love, plus some stuff we got them for Christmas that they’re loving and a couple other ideas for things they would love! Hopefully this sparks some ideas for you.

  1. Temporary Tattoos – Dash and Jett loooove putting these on! I grabbed these cute avengers ones for them for their stockings.
  2. Gobbles – ALL of my kids love these.. they’re gooey fidget toys. They stick to ceilings, just an FYI. If you’re looking for a less stick-to-ceiling option, these are great.
  3. Boomerang – a boomerang that kids (and adults) can actually figure out! I’m guessing this will be another take-with-us-everywhere item like the nerf football!
  4. Stuffed Animal – My boys are stuffed animal lovers! It’s fun to get something cute themed to every holiday for them.
  5. Donut Shaped Chocolates – candy is a must for Valentine’s Day. It’s the best when it’s fun!
  6. Robot Fidget Toy – These do all sorts of things, the boys got them for Christmas! Fidget toys are way underrated IMO. They keep the boys quiet and busy.
  7. LEGOs – This set comes with so many pieces, let the imaginations begin! This can keep my kiddos busy for hours on end.
  8. Book – a cute holiday themed book, and I love when they talk about feelings.
  9. Mother + Son Journal – I’ve done this with my kids for years.. it’s a great place for them to write down things they maybe aren’t ready to talk about out loud or are embarrassed + a great place to tell each other why you love them! This one is also great because it has prompts and you can learn a bit more about each other..
  10. Big Hershey’s Kiss – the bigger, the better!
  11. Nerf Candy Box – it’s a twofer, they get a little toy and some candy inside
  12. Remote Control Car – maybe this wall climbing, yes, wall climbing car is where my kids fell in love with RC?? This is a great one to start them with and inexpensive,
  13. Mother + Son Journal – another mother + son journal option. We’ve had both. If you look at the prompts they preview you’ll be able to pick your favorite.
  14. Themed Shirt – Here’s the long sleeve and short sleeve version!
  15. Boomerang – another fun boomerang option.. this one changes colors in the sunlight. It’s a good option for kids, because kids can actually figure it out.
  16. Nerf Football – leading off of the last one, we bring this football with us EVERYWHERE. Even to Mexico. The boys will play with this for hours together!
  17. Candy – Target has a billion options, I think candy is my boys favorite part of Valentine’s Day.
  18. Sky Rockets – These are super cool light up rockets. The kids jump on the base and the pressure pops the rocket up! I bet it would be so fun at night when they’re lit up.
  19. Stanley – The 20 oz iceflow tumbler is the best for kids, my boys take these daily to school with them!
  20. Pop-Its – You’ve heard Dash.. his savings goal is to buy hundreds of these things hah!
  21. Robot Window Art – I got this, this past summer for the boys and they had a ton of fun with it.. They love all the robot stuff from the smarts + crafts brand at Walmart because there’s actually boy stuff!
  22. Comfy – I got these for all of my kids for Christmas and they LOVE them!!

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