Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teens 2022

Shopping for my girls is so fun! I seem to have so many ideas for them all of the time.. haha. Valentine’s Day is a good one for self care stuff, and replenishing some of the makeup and skincare items they have.. I won’t list all of those here because I have separate blog post on their favorite stuff that I’ll link HERE for makeup and HERE for skincare, but just know it’s a great time to grab those things 🙂 I also have thrown both girls birthday gifts/lists into blog posts this year.. HERE is Em’s and HERE is Anisten’s.

  1. Brixley Crossbody – My girls don’t love carrying a huge purse.. Emery carries a mini one by baggu, but if we are out and about and at a park or something they use this crossbody. Code TARA10 saves you 10%! PS. This is one of my faves too!
  2. Earringsthese heart studs would be perfect and simple for valentine’s!
  3. Daisy Rings – These are stretchy so one size fits most, Emery wears them all the time.
  4. Leneige Lip Mask – my girls love this, they have a couple of new limited flavors for valentines day: gummy bear and sweet candy
  5. The Comfy – honestly I should’ve put this on the women’s list too… I steal there’s every chance I get ha!
  6. Gua Sha Tool – this is a great start to a skincare/self care routine if they don’t have one already!
  7. Journal – My girls love journaling, they both have this gratitude journal from Urban Outfitters.
  8. Nail Stickers – Em wanted these, they’re so fun and will stick to red aspen nail dashes!!
  9. Tula Cult Cleanser – this is a staple in my girls skincare routines. Morning and night! It’s also the cleanser I use. It’s safe for sensitive skin. Code TARATHUESON will save you 15% on all things Tula, even the kits! 🙂
  10. Glossier Perfume – this has the best subtle scent that lasts all day, it’s perfect for older girls and teens.
  11. Blanket – this is the barefoot dreams dupe, it’s a teeny bit thinner but it’s still super cozy and the price point is much better (especially when buying for kids!)
  12. Pillow Slides – we don’t wear shoes in the house so this is a great option for the girls inside, but they’re also great for vacations, the pool, etc.. They’re SO comfortable!
  13. Tablet Holder – Perfect for finishing homework, watching Netflix, drawing or coloring in procreate, you name it..
  14. Bead Kit – who knows, maybe they’ll take a simple bead kit and create a business! This was one of the best things I ever gifted my girls.
  15. Jewelry Case – My girls and I have had this one for a couple of years now. It’s held up great, I love that you can monogram it for them.
  16. Huggie Hoop Earrings – These are so cute! I love small dainty earrings like this. My girls do too. Emery and Anisten both asked for them for their bdays.
  17. Pop Its – Yep! Even for my big kids!
  18. Colored Pens – these ooly pens would go great with a journal! My girls have a ton of colored pens and use them all of the time. Ooly makes a ton of great stuff.
  19. Earringsthese huggies would be perfect and simple for valentine’s, too!
  20. Initial Necklace – This style necklace is so cute! Em and Annie both got one for Christmas! If you’re looking for something smaller, this tiny initial charm necklace is super cute too.
  21. Strawberry Dopp Kitt – These are perfect for makeup, charging cords, etc. Anisten is the queen of organization (taking right after Braun) and loves stuff like this! Baggu has so many cute options for everything.
  22. Twinkle Lights – all of my kids actually have these in their rooms. My girls love to put their Polaroids on it.
  23. Ring Pack – This pack of rings is super cute, but also comes in a bunch of different sizes so they can do midi and normal rings. Lots of options and inexpensive!
  24. Bath Confetti – this heart bath confetti from urban outfitters would be fun for Valentine’s Day
  25. Loopy Phone Case – These are the best, especially for clumsy teens who might drop their phone a bunch.. plus, it makes selfies easier 😉 Code TARA10 works on one or TARA15 on multiple!
  26. Hair Tinsel – Grabbed this for Anisten for her birthday! Not sure how it works yet but it looks promising.. It’s able to be wash, dried, curled, straightened, etc.
  27. Nomination Bracelet – My girls love these! Emery thought she was discovering something completely new when she found them… She was shocked when I told her I had them as a kid, and I am still shocked they’re making a comeback.
  28. Jolly Rancher Hearts – Can’t forget the candy!!
  29. Jewelry Dish – love this one with the gold detail and the initial.. also love this one for rings!
  30. Bracelets – this shop has super cute bracelets and necklaces for Valentine’s Day! You can use my code TARA to save.
  31. Red Aspen Nail Dashes + Brush on Glue  – $13-15 for two mani’s.. they have a ton of cute Valentine’s Day prints. Anisten and I can share a box, it might be a win, win for you!!

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