Valentine’s Gifts for Girls 2022

For the kids, we like to keep it pretty simple. I feel kinda rusty in the little girl department (here’s the TEEN guide) because my girls are older now, sad. Here’s some super cute ideas though!

  1. Stuffed Animal – this was always one of my kids’ favorite parts of holidays were little stuffed animals that coordinated.
  2. Mini Garden – I love getting fun little things to do and projects for my kids so it doesn’t just get tossed aside and we can spend some time together doing them. This mini garden is adorable!
  3. Lip Smackers – A classic. This has been around forever and is still going strong at a top contender for holiday small gifts.
  4. Valentine’s Book – another cute little gift that is actually useful! We love reading holiday themed books when the time of year comes around.
  5. Kinetic Sand – Less potentially disastrous than slime, but more sensory stimulation that play doh. Resealable packaging. Win, win.
  6. Sunglasses – winter can be rough on the eyes, especially if you get a lot of sun!! And if not, spring and summer is on the way. Sunglasses are a fun and useful accessory!
  7. Necklace and Bracelet Set – Cat + Jack brand have a few different $5 sets! This cute small shop makes high quality jewelry for kids of all ages if you’re looking for something that will last awhile and you can use code TARA to save.
  8. Gobbles – Even Anisten and Emery still ask for these haha! They’re just like gooey fidget toys. Beware, they can stick to ceilings…
  9. Beigey Pink Set – I used to love getting cute clothes for my kids for the holidays.. they don’t generally go for the cheesy stuff anymore but this is cute!
  10. Giant Hershey’s Kiss – the bigger, the better..
  11. Bath Bomb – a little self care and pampering is important, even for littles!
  12. Jolly Rancher Jelly Bean Hearts – IYKYK. These are theeeee best!
  13. Glow in the Dark Putty – could be messy, buuuut the glow in the dark feature is pretty darn cool.
  14. Purse – It’s never too young to start accessorizing. Chances are they’ll think this is so cool because it’s something they see you with all the time. They can pack it full of little toys for the car too.
  15. Strawberry + Cream Truffles – kids love candy on Valentine’s Day… These sound so yummy!
  16. Heart Pop Its – something about these have all of my kids mesmerized. Even Emery and Anisten like to play with them.
  17. Mother + Daughter Journal – I’ve done this with my kids for years.. it’s a great place for them to write down things they maybe aren’t ready to talk about out loud or are embarrassed + a great place to tell each other why you love them!

In case you missed it here is Valentine’s Day Gift Guides for: WOMEN | MEN | TEENS | BOYS