Valentines Gifts for Him 2022

Sometimes these are so dang hard for me to come up with new ideas because Braun finds things he loves and never strays from them for like years. This year he found some awesome new stuff that he loved – and some of this stuff he gifted to EVERY single guy in our family and they all loved them, so you know they’re good! If you celebrate Valentine’s here’s some of B’s tried and trues..

  1. AirPods + Andar Case – Braun got the new AirPods and really likes them! Regardless of the version AirPods, the Andar leather case is a great way to protect them! The Pros are $60 off right now.
  2. Carhartt Beanie – Grabbed these for Braun and the boys this year. They fit so good.
  3. Nomatic Bag – Braun shared alllll the things he loves about this bag on my stories when it was available on Zulily and you guys sold them out so dang quick!
  4. Nail Clipper Set – This is one of those gifts that Braun gifted every single guy in our family. The tools in it are legit. He brings this everywhere.
  5. T-Shirt – this is the t-shirt Braun has converted to and only buys this one now.. but he wore this Amazon Tee for years and really liked them!
  6. Andar Wallet – This is Braun’s all time favorite wallet (… forget on a plane…jkjk). It keeps everything so slim and compact and the pop up tab for the card is awesome. You can use code TARA20 to save 20%!
  7. Apple Watch – This is a staple in our house! Braun and I both wear one 24/7.. it’s great for way more than just exercise.
  8. Truff Hot Sauce – This changed our life… haha. It’s the BEST hot sauce we have ever had and every one needs to try it! This is like the gift that keeps on giving since you can eat it too.
  9. Watch Bands – Braun really loves the solo loop, the nike fitness band and the braided solo loop.
  10. Stanley – This is an obvious must.. Remember when Braun said he would’ve rather left his iPad on the plane instead of his stanley!? haha. That’s how good it is. He likes the 30 oz.
  11. Personalized Socks – Okay this is more of a gag gift thing but I think it’s hilarious. You can put pictures of anything you want.. I think Braun may need Pennie + Goldie socks this year. There is the option for boxers too..
  12. Yeti Hopper Backpack – This is a more expensive gift, but something Braun truly loves. We take it on all out St. G adventures. Code TARABC15 will save you 15% off on this as long as it’s your “first” order at backcountry.. make a new email if ya gotta!!
  13. Trimmers – this set comes with everything you’ll need! We’ve had it for years and it’s still on tip top shape. I use it on the boys hair too.
  14. Boxers – Braun is a tried and true believer in Tommy John Boxers.. Every time I place an order he asks me to add some more on for him. We love the second skin line for everything! That’s the bras I wear too. You can try code TARA25, but I’m not sure if it will still be active!
  15. Sling Bag – I got Braun the TUMI one for Christmas and he really loves it, but it’s a bit of a splurge.
  16. Freshballs – This is basically deodorant for men… I shared his gold bond when we went to Bora Bora and sooo many people including his friends said to try this so he got it in his stocking!!
  17. Sleep Mask – Braun also gifted this to everyone. He sleeps with it on nightly!
  18. Nike Sling Bag – Another one of the items that Braun got for everyone! I even love this bag. It holds a bunch of stuff without being bulky, and I love that there is a good selection of color options. I got Braun the TUMI one for Christmas and he really loves it, but it’s a bit of a splurge.

19. Qalo Silicone Ring – This is Braun’s very favorite silicone ring. The charcoal one looks similar to tungsten from afar!
20. Stanley Quencher – I found them in stock at Urban Outfitters.. I’m sure they won’t last long. The metallic ones are still available here.
21. Waterproof Speaker – We’ve had this one for a few years now. The bluetooth range is pretty long and the battery life is great, love that it’s compact.
22. Theragun Mini – this new tan one is awesome! We have the black and the white one. You’ve probably seen my stories about this before, Braun could not live without this. He brings it everywhere with him.
23. Cologne – This is Braun’s absolute favorite cologne, it smells so good!
24. Leatherman/Multitool – these are super handy and would make a great gift! This one is a compact version but still does everything.. some of them can be pretty bulky.
25. Coconu – a gift for everyone 😉 you’ll love it.. I don’t get tracked down in Mexico and introduced as the lube lady for nothing
26. Chapstick – This would be great to add if you’re doing a few small things!
27. Lululemon Set – this sweatshirt and these joggers — two of the items that made braun fall back in love with Lulu after nearly 2 years!
28. Wireless Charger – we had to upgrade chargers to ones with MagSafe with our new phones. This one is great!
29. Bose Headphones – I’ve shared these a few times before… they’re noise canceling and you can answer calls and stuff on them. They’re the best when traveling because people just opt not to talk to you… Braun sometimes will just put them on to sleep on a plane because the noise cancellation is so good!
30. MagSafe Duo Charger – this one is great for traveling!
31. MagSafe Travel Charger – This one is also great for traveling, it’s just a cordless battery pack.
32. Slippers – we don’t wear shoes in the house so slippers or comfy slides are a must. Braun really likes these ugg ones.
33. AirPods + Andar Case – Braun got the new AirPods and really likes them! Regardless of the version AirPods, the Andar leather case is a great way to protect them!

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