Valentine’s Gifts for Her 2022

Valentine’s Day… do you celebrate it?? Braun and I do.. Sometimes I feel like we get so consumed in the kids for Christmas that it’s nice to celebrate Braun and I on Valentine’s Day and just get them something little, versus the opposite way around! It’s also a really good chance for us to reflect on things we maybe wanted but didn’t mention or didn’t get. Braun and I still do get nice stuff for each other for Christmas, but we spend the majority of the day pouring the joy and excitement into the kids. Regardless if you splurge or save on this holiday – I have things included at almost every price point and some date ideas below! 🙂

Let’s start off by saying, I think every lady deserves to be pampered and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to spoil your significant other with a gift card to a spa, their favorite place to eat, to get their hair done, etc… BUT it’s also the best time to grab the items to do those things at home year round and save some money in the long run – so you’ll see a few of those things in here.

  1. Date Night Ideas – this looked like a super fun way to drag Valentine’s Day out more than just one day. It’s a fun scratch off card every month
  2. Geometry Towels – this may seem weird, buying her things to clean with.. but these WILL be her new favorite towels. My code TARA15 will save you 15% off!
  3. Neck Massager – don’t rule out the total body massage gift card… BUT this is an amazing option for an at home massager with a heat component. This one is geared toward your neck but you can also hold it on other sore places which makes it super versatile. I seriously don’t know if we would survive without this over here! haha. This one is waaaay cute.
  4. Earrings – I don’t really love giant statement earrings, but these cute dainty heart studs are perfect!
  5. Lip Velvet – if I had to pick my favorite lip product, it would definitely be Lip Velvet by SHINE. If you want to pick a neutral color, my favorites are: Belle + Reverie. Also goals + bloom of their normal gloss is fantastic! My code TARA will save you 10%.
  6. Perfume – I’m pretty dang picky when it comes to perfume choices.. so here’s my top 4: Jo Malone (I would buy the set so that she can pick her fave.. they have so many good ones), Glossier + Amber + this amber one is so good!
  7. Jo Malone Perfume – I would buy the set so that she can pick her fave.. they have so many good ones
  8. Lululemon Belt Bag – this is my favorite bring anywhere bag.. it’s super handy. I rave about it all of the time! It’s small but fits enough + has good organizational pockets!
  9. Beauty Blenders – I don’t think anyone replaces these near enough, so it’s a great time to grab them. Shine’s are great and my code TARA will save you 10%!
  10. Loopy Phone Case – I’m pretty sure your valentine won’t come out and tell you they want a new phone case, but maybe they haven’t tried Loopy before and I promise she won’t be disappointed. OR maybe she has a Loopy she’s obsessed with and wants the newest holographic color because it’s dannnnng cute. My code is TARA10 on one or TARA15 on multiple.
  11. Slippers – we don’t wear shoes in our house, so slippers or slip ons are a must. As you can imagine, I’ve walked through a fair share of them and have concluded that these are among the best.. they’re a newer find for me and SO comfortable. I love the full shoe sole on them..
  12. Jelly Bean Hearts – ummmm good luck. The jolly rancher ones are great, so are the sour ones. I struggle to find them in bulk but they are the BEST.
  13. Bangle Bracelets – Budha girl bracelets have become a staple for me! They’re a little on the pricier side because they are made with gold flakes. The best part about them is they are noiseless, though. I also pair the All Weather Bangles (noiseless) with some of their colorful ones seasonally.. this red/pink set would be cute on Valentines.
  14. Letter Bracelets – this small business makes the cutest letter bracelets + has a bunnnnch of other options. They put all my favorites on one landing page. All their stuff is silver, gold or rose gold filled so it will never tarnish + is super high quality. Don’t forget the floating heart add-on!! My code TARA will save you 20%.
  15. Theragun Mini – this new tan one is awesome! We have the black and the white one. You’ve probably seen my stories about this before, Braun could not live without this and honestly neither could I. 
  16. Eye Massager – If she suffers from migraines, sore eyes, or just simply needs a quiet break every now and then… this is AMAZING. I felt a little ridiculous buying this at first, but I have absolutely no regrets. I’ve had this exact one for a couple of years now and it’s held up great. It’s a little awkward to use at first getting used to the motion/heat but it works so well. It helps ease headaches and migraines like no other!
  17. Gift Card – spa, nails, her favorite restaurant, salon, etc
  18. Sleep Mask – The best part is, it doesn’t smoosh your eyes at all. It has helped so much with my sleep, especially if I’m exhausted or overtired and have a hard time falling asleep. This is one of the things that I take with me no matter where I go.
  19. Huggie Hoop Earrings – These are so cute! I love small dainty earrings like this. My girls do too.
  20. Necklace – a cute necklace is always a great idea! This madewell one is adorable.

21. Barefoot Dreams Blanket – this is the ultimate cozy gift.. maybe pair with Coconu? haha! These blankets live up to their hype.
22. Jewelry Case – I’ve had this one for a couple of years now. It’s held up great, I love that you can monogram it!
23. Coconu – Yes… it’s really a gift for the two of you but don’t tell her that. Order Coconu, find a sitter if you need one, grab a nice dinner and maybe a movie, light some candles + spend some time together. My code TARA will save you 15% on their site.
24. Heart Waffle Maker – this would be so fun for valentine’s morning, or to add in with some other cute cooking utensils or geometry towels!
25. Fulfilled Artistry Palette – this is the eyeshadow palette I wear every single day and have for over a year now. The colors and pigment is SO good.
26. Key Ring – This has saved me so many times! The O is big enough it fits around your wrist. It’s great when you’re carrying a bunch of things or to find your keys easily if you’ve got a push button car and lose them often in the bottom of a purse.. sign up for emails and save 15%!
27. Kitsch Products – I have the ice roller pictured in here, because it’s not one I talk about lot so mayyyybe it’s something she doesn’t have?!?! haha. The ice roller is an amazing addition to a skincare routine and helps reduce puffiness and headaches or migraines. It’s also great for sore muscles. Aside from the ice roller, Kitsch has a bunch of my favorite items such as: hair towel, silk pillow case, hair elastics + other accessories, face masks, and so much more! My code for kitsch is TARA for 20% off! 🙂
28. Red Aspen Nail Dashes + Brush on Glue – Chances are if you’re here and you know about me and my gift guides… your lovely lady may have already tried, tested and fallen in love with Red Aspen by now. If not, here’s your sign to order some for her! There are some super cute ones in the valentine’s collection, but I also love the more neutral ones. I suggest ordering the short square ones, they’re the most popular. Of course, if you know she loves longer nails order a different shape/size! 🙂
29. Gucci Perfume – the scent on this.. guys, it’s so good. So many of YOU recommended this and I jumped on it, it gets even better as you wear it. You can get it at Sephora full size – or this sampler/travel size if you are hesitant!
30. Kindle – Perfect for any book reader. Once they’re downloaded you don’t need internet either so you can bring it anywhere! The paper white is perfect if you just want to read but the Oasis is great for everything!
31. Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey Perfume – if you just want to go with my tried and true and not the set, this is it!
32. Stanley Quencher – I found them in stock at Urban Outfitters.. I’m sure they won’t last long. The metallic ones are still available here.
33. Amber Musk Perfume – this one was another highly recommended amber perfume
34. Bangle Bracelets – Budha girl bracelets have become a staple for me! They’re a little on the pricier side because they are made with gold flakes. The best part about them is they are noiseless, though. I also pair the All Weather Bangles (noiseless) with some of their colorful ones seasonally.. this red/pink set would be cute on Valentines.
35. Amber Perfume – this was one of the top recommendations when I was looking for an amber perfume dupe! Definitely a splurge.
36. AirPod Pros – the great debate, which ones are better – with or without the ear cushion?? I don’t know which I prefer but the noise cancellation in these are the best. $60 off right now!
37. Laneige Lip Mask – the girls and I both use these nightly.. They have some fun Valentine’s Day limited edition flavors right now!

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