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It’s daunting every time a new season comes.. the first thing I think is – it’s time to size up for all the kids in the next season’s clothing.. Jett sometimes gets Dash’s hand-me-downs, and Em and Anisten have sort of plateaued from last year which is nice! Ha. But, Dash is always needing the new stuff. The new Free Assembly clothing launched at Walmart and the boys are loving a bunch of it. Linking up some of our tried + true Walmart faves (hello soft pants.. the only ones my boys will wear!!) and some new finds 🙂

Hooded Tees | Dash’s Shorts | Jett’s Shorts | Jetts Sneakers

Aren’t they the cutest?! Picture sessions with these two can go south real quick (remember the hug/squeezing session??) but for once they totally cooperated and made it absolutely painless, even with multiple outfit changes — thanks boys!!! They’re at such a fun age right now.

Hooded Tees | Dash’s Shorts | Jett’s Shorts | Jett’s Sneakers

The boys are so particular on their clothing.. pants or shorts they have to be soft. Walmart is the best for this! Dash’s shorts are a soft cotton terry material + Jett’s Shorts are the exact same denim their favorite jeans are made from!!

This hooded shirt was a huge hit! I knew they were either really going to love them, or hate them. There was going to be no in-between haha. Thankfully, they loved them!! They come in a few cute color options.

Cute, right?? I love the ombre colors!!

Jett’s Shorts | Jett’s Sneakers

Jett’s shorts also come in a cute medium blue wash.. they’re also ripped like these! He loves them. I am hoping they release plain denim soon, but there are these khaki ones are perfect for dressing up in the summer.

These shoes are labeled as girls, but I’m clearly ignoring that because they’re WAY cute. They have memory foam soles and he says they’re super comfortable. They also come in adult sizes, and yes, I also have them!! Stay TTS. $15!

Jett’s Shirt | Jett’s Shorts | Dash’s Shirt | Dash’s Shorts

Can you tell by their smiles we were onto the outfit change?! haha. I lost Dash right after this picture, so I’ll tell ya about his stuff first..

His graphic tee is way cute, Walmart has a ton of different styles right now.. this style has smaller graphics. They even have a taco Tuesday one he really wants..haha. These striped ones are also WAY cute!

Dash’s Shorts have pockets, so they’re basically an automatic win in his book. They come in 8 different colors. My boys would also loooove these cargos!!

The shorts Jett is wearing are the same material as the ones above, just a bit of a different wash!!

Jett’s Shirt | Jett’s Shorts

Gosh, I just love this cute little guy!! I love when he’s being his spunky self. Look at that hip pop! haha.

We have a million of these cute Henleys, both long and short sleeve from Walmart! They’re great for dressing them up or down, and the material is comfy. We also have a bunch of these pocket tees for the same reason.

His shorts are a cotton material, and the pockets zip. Do you know how excited that made him?! haha. They come in 8 colors, and he says they’re super comfortable.

Here’s some other way cute stuff:

Tap through the sliders below or shop all Free Assembly at Walmart HERE


  1. Mock Neck 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt – this one will be perfect for transitioning spring/summer weather + then again perfect for fall. It’s so dang cute! Four color options.
  2. Button Down Shirt – perfect for Sunday bests 🙂
  3. Henley Fleece Hoodie – ummm that green, SO cute..or the gray with the green hood! Grab in their size now + size up because it’s so good.
  4. Long Sleeve Pocket Tee – a perfect neutral, dress up or dress down, simple shirt!
  5. Cargo Pants – these will be perfect for summer adventuring
  6. Striped Tees – these are super cute short sleeve tees!

Tap through the sliders below or shop all Free Assembly at Walmart HERE


  1. Matching Two Piece Set – This set is super cute. It’s a Terrycloth material and I bet it’s so comfortable. 5 color options!
  2. Romper – This romper will be perfect, especially for a coverup at the beach..
  3. Tee + Shorts set – Love the sleeves on this top + the shorts are a good length
  4. Long Shorts – these shorts are an awesome length and the material is as comfy as the boys version.
  5. High Rise Pants – these are a cotton material + the turtle dove + dusty cedar color are so cute.
  6. Biker Shorts – They’ll be way comfy for the summer.

Are your kiddos due for a wardrobe change this summer?! Walmart has SO many options at your favorite everyday low prices! 🙂

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