Weekend Update: 01/20/19

I’m trying something new around here and I’m hoping it’s a hit – or at least super helpful for those of you asking what game I was talking about or what funny thing Jett said during the week.

Honestly? It’s hard to keep up with DMs. I know there are rockstar Instagrammers who answer e v e r y . s i n g l e . D M . and bless them. I have a hard time keeping up with normal texting on my phone! So, that means each week I’m bringing you a weekly update! Just like SNL’s Weekend Update but less funny (sorry, not gonna put that type of pressure on myself 🙄) but still super awesome!

New York, New York

Braun takes his top guys to NYC every January and wives are invited so I get to hit up one of the greatest cities on earth…in freezing cold temps. Lucky me. New York cold is not the same as Utah cold. That cold air cuts right through ya! Seriously BONE CHILLING COLD. I was so glad I had my new Sorel boots and my leather mittens.

We hit up the Broadway play “Dear Evan Hansen” and it’s the second time we’ve seen it. We caught it last year on our trip out and it absolutely blew us away! The song “You Will Be Found” is one of our favorites. The only thing that would beat it is seeing Ben Platt perform it live – if anyone has a hookup, let me know. Mmmk?



We also did all the “New York” stuff: Pizza, Knicks game, Broadway, Braun burned off his arm hair, and then we headed to the lower level of Dylan’s Candy Bar to Dana’s Bakery where I got a chocolate chip MOOKIE and it was the highlight of my week! Chocolate chip cookie + macaroon. Need I say anything else?? I’m attempting these tomorrow and my entire family is hoping it pans out. Gluten-free baking is tricky!!

And if you missed it, I shared my favorite travel makeup case AND this brand new jewelry organizer that I LOVE!


Hair Update

I have started washing my hair every 4-5 days (who am I?). And coming from a person who is normally a 7+ girl, it’s been a good change. Weird, but good. I’m still using my same products and if anything, I feel like my hair is finally starting to come back from going way blonde in the summer. I don’t think my hair liked it very much!

I still dry my hair quite a bit and I think the two things that have probably helped the most with heat damage is this spray and my Dyson hair dryer. If you can’t go totally heat-free, cutting the time in half is the way to go!


No More Diapers!

Jett is full-on potty trained. Blog post coming soon but he’s been my easiest by a long shot. So happy about that. No more diapers. Thank you Huggies and Pampers for your years of service but we will no longer be needing them in the Thueson household!

I also shared how we simplify our mornings around here. They can get hectic and setting good habits and creating shortcuts is the only way to make it to the weekend! And I want to know your hacks! Is there something we’re missing? Leave me a comment on this blog post HERE.

Car Litter Bags

Did you miss the sneak peek of the newest CLB additions that are dropping this week? Make sure you put 1/25 @ 9 AM on your calendar so you don’t miss out on our newest arrivals! We have black faux leather, leopard, gingham – we stuck to the most popular colors of the season and you can sag yours + get them in time for Valentine’s Day. Nothing says “I love you,” quite like a garbage bag for your car!

New Addition To The Family

Puppy coming in 4 days and she is still nameless. We have it narrowed down to 4 though. I can’t get over how stinking cute this puppy is but Goldie is and always will be the OG. I get asked a ton about all things Goldie (breeder, trainer, food) and I put it all in a blog post HERE.


My Kids Are Getting Old

We registered Emery for 7th grade this week. Holy smokes. How do I have a kid that old??

I remember 7th grade like it was yesterday. Okay, not really but still. It doesn’t seem that long ago. And I look around at other people who have kids that age and I STILL never feel that old.

Target Picks

The other day I showed you guys when I went to Target to pick out some home goods. True story: I’m not a knick-knacks person. Useful tools/products: sign me up. But decorative stuff? So not me. I have a few things on my shelves and a couple of framed things on my walls but other than that? Barren. I just don’t like kitsch. Buuuuuut, I am working on decorating a bit more and I was grabbing stuff for photos. You guys asked so I put everything I snagged below + all but 2 since I’ve got to grab online since they weren’t available locally!

And side note: Joanna Gaines could get me to buy anything. Seriously. She can do no wrong.

Power Hour

I shared with you guys a little trick we do at home in the evenings to lessen my workload in the home and to teach the kids responsibility. Each kid in our house is assigned to a certain section or ‘chore’ in our home. They’re in charge of making sure their area is clean or that their task is done each day. If things have been a bit hectic and we haven’t had time during the day, we’ll often have what we call “Power Hour”.

Power Hour is a full hour we take in the evenings to get things into tip-top shape. It makes waking up so amazing because we’re waking up to a clean space: no dishes in the sink, no shoes to trip over, and no pillows to pick up. Everything gets put in its place. We tell Alexa to play our “Power Hour” playlist and we go to work!

You can access our playlist HERE that Emery put together! Her only condition is that everyone follows her and her cousin Kendall on Instagram – which we won’t let her access. What can I say? I’m a protective parent!

But this entire playlist is clean, kid-friendly, and is sure to pump everyone up! One thing I love about Spotify is the ability to filter out songs that have explicit lyrics.

You Guys Get Me!

You never disappoint. Every once in a while I wonder if I should keep Instagramming and if it’s worth it and then the thing I get asked about most is pajamas…because you GET IT. They are the greatest clothes in the world to be in and I don’t blame you for wanting to know where to get them.

But I have bad news…


The brand of pajama bottoms I’m wearing is ‘Bed To Brunch’ and I seriously can’t find them anywhere! You can sometimes find them on Poshmark but seriously, these are hard to come by. I did hit up Nordstrom the other day and pick up more of my favorites in the berry color and a few Madewell bottoms you can snag HERE. They’re super cute and way comfy.

I also grabbed some super comfy lounge-in socks and those earrings that crawl up your ear (you guys sold them out but save the link so you can check back!). I also picked up another Bandolier case for my phone which makes it super easy to travel with!

And last but not least, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so I picked up fun things for a little night away that I’m planning for Braun and me. I plan on doing a blog post about our staycation but thought I’d link them HERE and HERE so you can get some ideas for your own fun night! (and I def got the red)


Boys Trip

Dash’s cousin sent me the cutest letter that told him he needed to be at his house in 5 days.

He lives in Texas.

So Dash has been telling us matter-of-factly that he needs to be in Texas in 5 days. This kid has not let up!

So Braun did something super fun and booked the boys and him a surprise trip to see their cousin in Texas for his 7th birthday. Stuff like this is the best and I seriously can’t wait to see the look on his face when we tell him!! We’ll be sure to share so make sure you’re tuning in!

Fitness Update

You probably saw my picture the other day when I bragged about the fact that I’ve been going to the gym for 6 months…6 MONTHS guys! And then I flashed my big guns (big to me) and I have seriously never felt better! I suffer from arthritis and it is NO JOKE. I was used to being in pain a lot of the time, suffering from inflammation, and just not feeling optimal. Add on the fact that I was getting massive migraines and I was miserable a LOT.

Since going to the gym this has completely changed – you can read more about it HERE. I have changed so much and I plan on continuing!

I even started a fitness/eating challenge with a group of my neighbors this week!

[flex_row] [/flex_row]

I’m using the clean and simple eats as my guide and we’re starting this week! I love that this book with all of its recipes and meal plans is designed to help you take all the guesswork out of all the complicated math and calculations. Seriously, I LOVE this thing.

If you want to start your own fitness journey and need a little help in the food department, you can grab your own HERE and use my code SIMPLE to get $15 off any meal plan!

This Coming Week

I have a lot of fun stuff planned for you guys this week and I love that so many of you are tuning in! If there’s something I’m missing or something you want more info on, tell me below! I love reading your comments and I try to reply to all of them!

And let me know if you like these – I’d love to continue and I hope by putting everything here each week as it happens, it will be easier for you guys to find stuff!

“For ‘Weekend Update‘, I’m Seth Meyers! Good night!”

xx Tara


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  1. 1.21.19
    Leah said:

    Love this recap! You are so dedicated every week to all the posts and I love reading along! You mentioned you were getting a blog post up about how you got started as an influencer/product reviewer and I would love to know more! Is that blog post coming soon?

  2. 1.21.19

    I love following you!! You share the BEST podcasts. I was addicted to COLD & Crimejunkies. Thank you for sharing those.

    I would love if you share what are some to do things for those who have never been to NYC. Also, I would love to hear how you started your business & how you’ve grown. I’m sure you have been through many ups and downs.

    As for your power hour, I believe in it. Our son is too young to help just yet, he is 10 months but I set my alarm for 50 minutes anytime I work on a task. It seriously helps!! Then I’ll take a little break and get back to work.

    Oh, and let’s talk about hair. ‍♀️ I wash my hair just about everyday. Some don’t recommend it but it’s just weird if I don’t but I’m trying every other day. How do you feel when your hair is sweaty from working out? That’s the part that makes me wash it everyday.

    Anywho, I enjoy reading your blog and following you on Instagram. Thanks for suggesting the Lightroom app.


  3. 1.21.19
    Sophie said:

    Loved this post! Seriously love your blog. I feel like we’d be real life bff’s but I live in AZ.

  4. 1.21.19
    Kassie Bodily said:

    Hey! Absolutely love you & your fam! So I am getting married this summer & I have started on our registry’s. Well I am starting to realize I know nothing about what brands are good & what models are the best. Just curious if you had any plans to do kind of a “favorite appliances” blogpost or anything like that soon?!

  5. 1.21.19
    Alison said:

    Thank you for this! Super helpful!!

  6. 1.21.19
    tarathueson said:

    oh, good! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  7. 1.21.19
    tarathueson said:

    I definitely will – I for sure have my favorites and will be listing them out! Congrats on your engagement!

  8. 1.21.19
    tarathueson said:

    Probably! I love this online community and the friendship I’ve found!

  9. 1.21.19
    tarathueson said:

    Aren’t they unreal? The crazy always has me coming back for more. Sounds like we do a lot of the same things – good habits are everything! As for hair, it’s been a journey. I just gradually went longer and longer between washes.

  10. 1.21.19
    tarathueson said:

    I’m working on it! I’ll let you guys know when it’s finished!

  11. 1.22.19
    leslie said:

    love this update! 🙂 i’d say keep them coming!

  12. 1.22.19
    tarathueson said:

    Will do! Thank you so much for your feedback – it means everything!

  13. 1.23.19
    Danielle Garavaglia said:

    Love the “Weekend Update”! Keep them coming!