15 of My Favorite Things

If there is one party you can count on being invited to during the holiday season it’s a Favorite Things party.

But what is a Favorite Things party, exactly? It’s probably the best type of party there is, IMHO. Because a Favorite Things party is where you invite 10-20 of your friends, coworkers, or family members to a party at your house and you get presents…lots of them.

The catch?

If attending, they’re required to bring a favorite thing of their own under a certain price limit (I recommend trying to stay around $10 and no more than $30 unless you and your friends are really rolling in it!) for the number of people attending the party.

If you have 10 people attending, you bring 10 of the same item. Make sense?

Then you each take a turn talking about your favorite thing and handing one out to each attendee. It’s fun to hear others talk about the item they bring! Throw in a bunch of cheat foods (those foods you never eat on a diet) and some music and have fun! The concept is pretty basic!


When I started looking at proposed or suggested “Favorite Things” items, over 50% of them were alcohol-related. And since I don’t drink, this drastically cut those lists. So I came up with my own list of products I use and love and hopefully, will provide some inspiration for you as well!

And even if a Favorite Things party isn’t on your agenda in 2019, these also make inexpensive gifts for friends!

Xx Tara

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