15 of My Favorite Things

If there is one party you can count on being invited to during the holiday season it’s a Favorite Things party.

But what is a Favorite Things party, exactly? It’s probably the best type of party there is, IMHO. Because a Favorite Things party is where you invite 10-20 of your friends, coworkers, or family members to a party at your house and you get presents…lots of them.

The catch?

If attending, they’re required to bring a favorite thing of their own under a certain price limit (I recommend trying to stay around $10 and no more than $30 unless you and your friends are really rolling in it!) for the number of people attending the party.

If you have 10 people attending, you bring 10 of the same item. Make sense?

Then you each take a turn talking about your favorite thing and handing one out to each attendee. It’s fun to hear others talk about the item they bring! Throw in a bunch of cheat foods (those foods you never eat on a diet) and some music and have fun! The concept is pretty basic!


When I started looking at proposed or suggested “Favorite Things” items, over 50% of them were alcohol-related. And since I don’t drink, this drastically cut those lists. So I came up with my own list of products I use and love and hopefully, will provide some inspiration for you as well!

And even if a Favorite Things party isn’t on your agenda in 2019, these also make inexpensive gifts for friends!

Xx Tara

Portable Travel Pill Case
One way to never forget those pills and vitamins you should probably be taking daily is to store them with other things you routinely grab for. So in this little case, I've got migraine medicine, digestive enzymes, chewable vitamin C, gum, Benadryl, aspirin...you name it and I've probably got it stashed here somewhere. Plus it folds up small, has compartments on both sides, and you can get 2 for under $10 making this the perfect "My Favorite Things" gift.
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Jewelry Organizer
How to untangle jewelry after it’s been sloshing around in a suitcase on a long flight: 1. Find the clasp for all affected necklaces 2. Light all your jewelry on fire it’s never getting fixed. Seriously though! There’s nothing more agonizing than trying to untangle a nice necklace that’s been knotted up with everything but the kitchen sink. This travel jewelry box saves me every time! Perfect little compartments for everything from earrings to necklaces and keeps all my favorites super safe every time. An absolute must have for your holiday travels and less than $12 a piece!
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Marble Butter Keeper
Not enough people extol the virtues of softened butter 24/7. Notice I didn't say "melted beyond identification" or "a puddle of yellow stuff on a small plate." These are the way butter comes at my house with kids around. And that's why this crock is all it's "crocked" up to be...forgive me. Bad pun aside, this butter keeper keeps your butter soft, but not too soft. And it's even easy for the kids and husband to refill. This is sure to be a hit at any FT party!
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Acroball PureWhite Advanced Ink Refillable & Retractable Ball Point Pens
Remember that scene in "You've got mail" when Meg Ryan gushes about her love of school supplies? I relate to that on a very real level. Gimme all the pens, paper, tiny staplers, fancy paper clips, and freshly sharpened pencils! Too bad I didn't love school as much as I love school supplies, I would've had a PhD by now! These are my favorite pens. They're so smooth, come in the prettiest colors, are smudge-free, and super cheap! It may not "WOW" right off the bat but I guarantee that everyone will be using their pens a year later.
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Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm
If 11,000 people jumped off a cliff would you? Nope, but I'd probably wait in line for whatever they're waiting in line for. I'll have what she's having! This undereye stick had a waitlist like you've never seen, and it turns out, it was WELL worth the wait. instantly cools your skin and adds a little reflecting color. I am completely addicted to mine and always have one with me! Snag it in this fun gift set and save $14 + use code TARA for an additional 20% off.
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Sports Research
Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Biotin. I’ll admit, I’m kind of a skeptic when it comes to any sort of magic fix. But if over 12,000 are giving this stuff their stamp of approval, I can’t really argue with those numbers! The reviews for this Biotin are amazing, and I love that it’s made with natural ingredients including the fixer of all life’s problems - coconut oil. If you’re struggling with brittle nails or or hair I highly recommend! And if you're going to a FTP with all women, this is going to be a hit!
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Lumify Eye Drops
Bausch & Lomb
This season, may the only red around your house be your Christmas decor. Are Braun and I the only ones who suffer from chronic red eye?! Drives me nuts! But a few drops of this little miracle worker and my eyes go from looking a little bloodshot and methy to bright white and clear! It’s seriously UNREAL the difference these drops make for your eyes - instantly soothes brightens! Kinda addicted to this stuff, especially in the winter time when I’m dry from head to toe and will be a hit at your party!
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There are some discoveries that are so revolutionary, they genuinely change the course of history. Christopher Columbus and the Americas, Benjamin Franklin and electricity, and @chrislovesjulia and the sweatband hack. Guys, this is pure genius! Throw a sweatband on before your nighttime face washing routine to prevent those annoying full arm water drips. So simple, so amazing. Giving these out at your party will have your girlfriends that you skipped a grade - or two!
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Sleeping Bag Liner AKA Spray Tan Sheet Protector
The Friendly Swede
I love spray tans. I do not love making all my sheets look like I was doing snow angels in a Costco size bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos. This tidbit of ingenuity was discovered during my Grand Canyon trip and I'll admit I'm pretty proud of this one! Lay this sleeping bag liner over your bed and keep sheets nice and clean post spray tan. You're girlfriends will thank you and their clean sheets will prove once again, you give the best gifts of them all!
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Portable Mini Refillable Perfume Case
These are the coolest little things! Pour your favorite perfume in these to keep in your purse or use ‘em for travel! These have been so dang handy. $8 for 3!
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2 Pack Telescopic Metal Straws – Reusable, Portable, Collapsible Stainless Steel Drinking Straws
I bought one of these just so I don't have to use paper straws ever again. I get it, we're saving the environment. And I love that we're doing that. But there has to be something better than PAPER STRAWS! They are the absolute worst. They go soggy fast and make it so awful to try and get any normal amount of liquid out of your drink. Enter in this reusable straw. Collapses small enough to fit on your keychain and save you from every paper straw that dares cross your path! This is a really fun and inexpensive Favorite Thing!
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Lip Gloss
Shine Cosmetics
Hands down one of my favorite things, Shine lip gloss is long lasting, non-sticky, and in the most perfect shades know to man...and woman. It is on the higher end of our budget but you can save 10% off your purchase when you use code TARA. I promise you, this is one "Favorite Thing" that will quickly become one for every person you give one to.
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Apparently when you talk about “lube” people get their panties in a tangle. But ya know the best way to loosen up those tangled chonies? Lube. Everyone went bananas over this when I posted it on my IG account! But when I really love something, I’ve gotta share it, even if that thing is lube. This one is natural, organic, and vegan and actually works great. And yes, this is a little bit more than the other things on this list but if you use code tara15 you can get this for 15% off! Finally, a Favorite Thing that your husband won’t be annoyed about you buying ;)
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Clear Pouches
As much as I love TSA violating the contents of my purse when I travel, these see through pouches have changed the game for flying! Travel size everything fits right inside each pouch so they can quickly pass through security (even internationally!) without issue! No more holding up the line to prove your hand lotion is explosive-free! All 3 for less than $12 - that makes this Favorite Things $4 a pop!
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Tubular Long Wear Mascara
Why does it seem like every mascara on the market either requires an act of Congress to remove OR gives the worst raccoon eyes if you even blink wrong?! This stuff solves all my smudging problems without requiring a medical procedure to remove. It’s tubing so with just a little warm water and a wash cloth, this stuff falls right off at the end of the day. Genius!
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