Amazon Orders – Feb 2022

It’s always funny to me to go back and see who ordered the most on Amazon.. Braun or I? Occasionally it’s the girls for beaded + bright!! January was totally Braun.. although my blog post appears to be just me, I spared you the one million RC parts in there.

Kitchen + Cleaning

  1. Stainless Steel Cleaner – trying this stainless cleaner to bring back the shine on our fridge.. ugh.
  2. Sponges – the best kitchen sponges!
  3. Leather Cleaner – needed a refill! We love this stuff.
  4. Organizers – my girls are using these for beads! They’re great for nail dashes too.
  5. Ello Mug – times two.. again. I’m nervous they’ll be gone forever soon. This is my favorite perk mug!
  6. Lunch Box – nothing too exciting.. just a good insulated lunch box haha! The outside is neoprene so it stays pretty clean too.
  7. Oven Cleaner – the best oven cleaner out there! Fume free.. it’s the only one we can tolerate too haha.
  8. Cooking Utensils – needed another set for St. George! Love these so much.
  9. Cleaning Rubber Gloves – no ugly, bright yellow, over sized gloves here.
  10. Air Tight Container – This one is for brown sugar! So much better than keeping it in bags.
  11. Bona Floor Cleaner – I’ve been using this floor cleaner for awhile! It’s awesome.. and has helped the Pennie butt smears.
  12. Shop Towels – wish these were cute enough for a kitchen because they clean up EVERYTHING so darn well!!

Other Kitchen-ish Stuff..

  1. Electrolyte Mix – something that Braun uses!
  2. Veganzyme Capsules – This is from the same poop pills brand! They help with digestion.
  3. Pistachios – yummy!
  4. Macadamia Clusters – remember braun lookin a bit like Gus Gus?? Yeah… he looked the same when the amazon delivery came.

Dash’s Birthday Stuff

tap through the photos below to shop! Those moon balls bounce REAL high!

Travel + Personal Care

  1. Aveeno Lotion – my whole family uses this.. Utah dries us right out in the winter!!
  2. Men’s No Show Socks – can you tell I couldn’t handle Braun’s no-sock stunt the other day?! hah.
  3. Lash + Brow Lift + Lamination – my girls ordered this! We’ve used the lash lift stuff forever. It works great!
  4. Chaco Mega Z’s – the ultimate adventure shoe.. I took these to Bora Bora + Hawaii.
  5. Sun Hat – this one fits so good and is pretty inexpensive. I actually gave mine to a worker in bora bora before we left and reordered before Hawaii it was that good!
  6. Silicone Cover Ups – I wear these under my bathing suit
  7. Chapstick – I have this on auto delivery. it’s my favorite.
  8. Glide Floss – For Annisten.. it has a harder end so it goes between braces really well.
  9. Beach Bag – mesh so the sand falls right out!! These are the best beach bags.
  10. Sunglasses – Inexpensive and polarized! A safe bet for throwing in a suitcase to travel with.


  1. Magnetic Cable holder – These stick to any surface, and the little cord holders are magnetic! It’s awesome for making a desk less messy.
  2. Pop Socket – using this for my kindle!
  3. Go Pro Mount – for braun’s restored go pro dash hucked on the floor.. haha. Still hoping that one is okay. Haven’t looked.
  4. Timer – this is for Jett and Dash.. it gives a good visual on what’s left for time!
  5. Cord Adapters – makes your older style USB convert to a new USB-C.. helpful for MacBooks mostly, so you don’t have to buy the giant device that transfers it!