Back-to-School Clothes Shopping

Yes, this is what back-to-school shopping looks like in my house! A little bit crazy, a total whirlwind, and typically done in one jam-packed day. Who are these people that spend weeks?

Also, deals and sales tend to be more like after-the-holiday candy – the closer you get to school being in session, the better the deals! It may be the only time in life where you will benefit from procrastinating!

Plus, as my girls get older, this becomes so much more enjoyable.

One store we really can’t get enough of (and I never feel bad about their prices) is OLD NAVY!


Below are some of the other things that made it home with us and because I love you, I kept it simple and I linked all of my girls and boys picks from Old Navy. Like I said above, the sales have only gotten BETTER. Now everything is 40% OFF the lowest price at Old Navy and it’s applied at checkout. They’ve got $2 shirts, $6 jeans, $6 shoes, and it’s on EVERYTHING!




And I totally won this year because Dash agreed to wear pants! No more basketball shorts and sweatpants…well, not all the time. I feel like this is a HUGE win! But I did give in on dinosaurs and dragons. Can’t win them all, right? Also, call me crazy but there were way more picks for boys than girls this year and I also got the boys some church clothes. $6 dress shirts – need I say more?



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