Backcountry Summer Sale

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Dress | Leashes | Collars | Hoka Sneakers

July in Utah can be HOT, this past week was over 100 multiple times and this week is going to be in the 90s almost every single day. I won’t complain, because the opposite is snow (which I am NOT ready for).. but in either case, Backcountry has the pups and I covered for all of our walks! Right now they’re having a huge summer sale, it’s the best time to stock up on the things we all love for up to 50% off.. and for those full price items on first time orders?! I’ve got a code for that: TARATHUESON15

Dress | Leashes | Collars | Hoka Sneakers | Dog Life Jacket

See that duck in the far left hand corner? Man, Pennie could swim after those guys for hours and hours. Any time we come near the lake I have to be sure she’s got on her leash and collar or she’s gone before I can even say her name 😂. We’ve used these same leashes and collars for years now and other than replacing Pennie’s collar because she chewed it apart, they’ve all lasted perfectly!! Something we’ve decided to add recently for Pennie is this life jacket. We want to be able to let her swim, but also worry about her completely exhausting herself. Goldie hardly goes in to her shoulders, whereas Pennie is a swimming machine. It’s also super helpful when we head out on the boat, just in case, the handle can pull her right back up out of the water.

Dress | Leashes | Collars | Hoka Sneakers | Dog Life Jacket

I mean, the word unitard really doesn’t sound flattering, but gosh, I love this dress. It hits at all the right places, and flares at the other. It has a whole built in unitard underneath that is compression material and keeps everything held in. You definitely don’t need a bra with this.. If you’re looking for a bit looser fit, definitely size up on and it would still be super cute. This one is a size small in the color earth. It’s currently 30% off!

Here’s a couple other athletic dresses that are super cute at Backcountry..

Vans | Shorts | National Parks Graphic Tee

The shorts are by Patagonia! I loved the pair I wore on the Subway hike, soooo I decided to try another pair from them, and I love them. These have a really good length and the material is flowy… this is the plume gray color, but I would say it’s a gray/blue for sure. They also have an olive color and a mauve, plus black. I will probably grab others now that I know how they fit! I’m in size small. The band is elastic, and the ties are not actually functional!

There’s something to be said about a cute graphic tee.. I can only imagine what my childhood collection would be worth these days if we never got rid of them 😂 The Parks Project has created a whole line designated just to National Parks and I am here for it. I sized up to a medium here – and I like the way it fits. Some of the ones I’m going to share next are Men’s (but CUTE) so keep that in mind when you pick sizing. You guys know how much I love my cute Grand Canyon one… check these out – I need like… all of them!! Since a lot of them are listed at full price, my code TARATHUESON15 will work on first time orders! They carry men/women/kids sizes.

Rose Gold Hokas | All Hokas

I know I tell you all the time how much I love these sneakers.. but here’s one more reminder.. haha! They’re seriously the best. Backcountry has a huge selection of colors and styles of Hokas. The nice thing about them is they come in multiple styles depending on the activity you’re heading for, and then multiple widths. You truly can find the best fit for your foot.. it’s not a one size fits all type of thing. My favorite day to day are the Bondis or Cliftons… Running or working out is the Mach 5s.. Hiking the speedgoats were PHENOMENAL. You really can’t go wrong. If you’re looking for a casual everyday pair, start with the Bondis.. that’s what made me fall in love. They’re like walking on clouds!! Here’s some cute ones available:


Now for a summer sale roundup… everything is up to 50% off.. my code won’t stack with most things, but it does with a couple of items, so definitely test out TARATHUESON15 if it’s your first time ordering.

My Top 5 Sale Picks:

Stanleys are 25% to 30% off! We don’t travel without these guys.. the kids have 20oz, even at school. Braun almost cried over his lost 30oz.. haha. We also love taking the 40oz to sports games and hanging it off the fence. Anyway, love love stanley + it’s a good chance to grab them on sale.

Patagonia Divided Sky Jacket – if you were here last year, you know I bought this in all the colors available haha. It’s my favorite fleece zip-up I’ve got! Between 45% and 50% off.

Okay I guess this is technically two.. but I love this outfit. This srappy bra tank + this activewear skort.. love this for pickleball, hiking or just casual wear!! You could also wear with this bra tank.. either way, it’s all on sale currently!

The French Terry material 1/2 zip I gave away a few of because I just love them is on sale for 40% off. I love all the colors.. the matching shorts are also included 🙂

Last but not least.. these Teva slippers!! They are the COMFIEST. The hard soles are awesome. They’re between 45% and 55% off, which is a total score for these.. I also think these ARE an item my code TARATHUESON15 is allowed to stack with. Heck. Yeah. I fell in love with these last year, and there’s no going back!!

Here’s a bunch of other awesome stuff on sale… but seriously, check it all out HERE at their up to 50% off summer sale (men, women, kids, camping, winter sports, you name it.. you’ll find something)!!


One thing my code does work on that I get absolutely stoked about is Yeti products… They recently redid their hopper designs, so I know that my exact one isn’t available anymore – but I’ve heard really good things about the new design!! We probably won’t upgrade because this one will last us forever haha. I know Braun is currently way too busy to read this blog post – but that sidekick dry is part of his present.. it attaches to the side of the hard coolers we have for all the things you reach for frequently. He’s going to be excited about this little guy over some of the bigger stuff I got him I bet because it’s so useful and gives things a home.. haha.

And lastly, our favorite duffle bags FINALLY restocked on Backcountry!! My code: TARATHUESON15 will work on first time orders for them. They are on my men’s gift guides every single year if I can find them in stock.. They are awesome. Everyone in our whole family has one!