Walmart Summer Fashion

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Tell me you love an outfit without telling me you love the outfit… does having it in multiple color options count?!?!? No? How about if I bought the shorts version and neutral colors to mix and match?! haha. In all seriousness, this set is awesome. It’s less than $22 for the whole thing.. the length is perfect on me, but remember I’m only 5’4″. On the model it looks to be a little bit higher up her shin. Still super cute. I bought it in two pieces, TOP HERE and BOTTOMS HERE because I wanted to size up in the shirt a bit. I got the medium in the shirt and true to size in the pants as a small.


Does this prove how much I love it? The shorts are an awesome length and super comfortable. Gosh, I am always up for a good set.. Best part?! Less than $24 for the set. You can get them in separate pieces, too.. top only and shorts only (LOTS of color options!!).

The black shorts actually aren’t part of the set at all. They’re an athletic material Bermuda length pair of shorts and I’ve shared these a bunch in the past. They cover all the things, if ya know what I mean!!

here’s all the colors it comes in (plus just since I made this graphic YESTERDAY they added a cute pink/purple and a brighter green.. plus some tie dye ones!):


Okay, okay, backing off from the sets (I was just REALLY excited about those 😂) They do have some super cute other fashion items, too. I grabbed a super cute dress.. but here’s some bright and summery things I’m loving!

Romper – A super cute option for a wide leg jumpsuit. Only $20! It’s not a duper or look-a-like.. but it’s a less expensive option than a lot of other brands right now and a similar look!

Long Shorts – This white pair and this black pair have awesome length to them. They also have two different denim washes. $18-20!

Drawstring Shorts – Don’t these look like the canvas/khaki material to you?! That’s what I thought when I initially saw them online, but they’re a SUPER soft rayon and linen material and they come in cute neutrals and a couple of patterns!

Smiley Slippers – I initially got these for Emery for her birthday, and then for myself.. and then for Anisten 😂 They’re so cute!

V-Neck Dress – $14 super simple dress. Perfect for summer and the summer to fall transition if you added a cute sweater.

Basic Tee – Does it get better than a $10 semi-fitted, semi-boxy tee that is fun length?? I dunno.

Designer Dupes – Those two band slides on the very bottom are EXACT look-a-likes to a designer brand and only cost $12.. yes please!! I ordered these at the beginning of summer and still like them.

Straight Jeans – these come in 6 washes, including white and a washed black and are only $27! I’ve also ordered these 90s style straight jeans and I will update on these ones next month!!! I can’t wait to get them.. hope they’re way cute.

Braided Two Band Slides – these are super cute and come in 5 colors! They recently added gray.

Striped dress – I actually grabbed this in the black and white color way.. one sec! 🙂

Striped Dress

So, it’s called a mini tshirt dress, but I don’t really feel like it’s mini at all. In my opinion, it actually has some really good length to it and it covers all the things it needs to cover for me! It’s on clearance right now for $11 and comes in some cute bright colors and stripes for summer, but also black and a muted pastel blue solid that you could totally throw a cute sweater over for fall.

Here’s some other bright and fun summer things I’m currently loving from Walmart:

Pillow Slides – ummm, they live up to the name and I love these things! They’re like walking on clouds. Walmart has 8 color options.. check out that cute blush color..

Striped Shirt and Shorts Set – this one you do have to buy separately, but it’s way cute. It’s a cotton material and there’s a bunch of color options in this, including a plain white making it easy to mix and match.

Neon Bathing Suit – Any other season except for summer you can find me in the most neutral colored things.. when summer comes – it’s neon season for me 😂 This bathing suit is so cute and perfect for summer. It reminds me of the color in the neon one you all alwayyyys ask about but it’s so old it’s sold out. This one is on clearance!

Striped T-shirt – This is a total look-a-like for one of my favorite brands.. it’s also only $10! It is a cropped fit, but size up for a full length boxy fit!

Crochet Dress – The colors on this are SO cute!! It’s a juniors dress, so size up for sure. I would probably size up a couple and have it be a swim cover up.

Tie Front Mint Pants – These are a little bold for me, but I know someone on here is mint obsessed and needs them.. they’d be so cute paired with a white body suit or tee! They also have just plain white.

Striped Bathing Suit – Full bum coverage.. which seems to be super hard to find this year. Super cute, basic one piece. On clearance!

Mid Length Shorts – This is basically the length Emery cut my old shorts she found to! Wish I would have found these before she chopped mine, hah. Only $14, 4 wash options.

White Shorts – sizes are limited on these, understandably, because they look super comfy. The waist band is cute.