Charger Roundup

Honestly I think one of my most frequently asked questions is about our chargers 😂 and the most shared meme with me on instagram would be this one…

Understandably and it makes me smile every time. Remember that time Braun’s charger went missing and the entire house was stripped of every charger and every cord he could find except for ONE?! Jett running through that video still might be my favorite thing. It really put a damper on the new rug day + the night for sure ended in tears because of that same rouge charger. I will say… his chargers have been left alone since then 😂 so the family meeting must have set in. Here is a list of ALL of our favorite chargers..

  1. Small Portable Charger – This is the holy grail, tiny but mighty, always dependable charger. Charges USB-C (same as iPads/laptops). I’ve shared the other ones with the 4 different plugs already attached to it and all four that I’ve purchased have crapped out. So, do yourself a solid and just grab this one to begin with.
  2. Wall Block – This is the best wall plug on the market. If you don’t believe me, consider the fact Braun has purchased NINE of them (mostly because they keep getting stolen.. but also because they’re phenomenal and he loves them). It’s USB-C as well and charges all the things. Lays flat against the wall (hallelujah) so it fits well behind furniture.
  3. Wall Block – This is a bit bulkier, but it charges multiple things at once, and has a normal USB port also. It’s 65W, so it’s fast!
  4. Charger Clips – this is how Braun and I keep our nightstand cords organized. It makes it really nice not to have them everywhere. See why he might get annoyed?? It takes serious effort to move furniture, take our cords out of the clips, and then move furniture back to look like no one took anything. Maybe more effort than just finding theirs 😂 and then they never return it… soooooo, he then has to go on a cord hunt.
  5. Charger Carrying Case – This is what I use to carry around all the chargers that I need when I travel. I’ve had it for YEARS now. It’s the medium size. The flat wall block (#2) + the bigger charging bank (#6) fit perfectly in it, plus it has a spot to hold all of the cords. It’s a hardshell case, so it protects the charging banks pretty good.
  6. Large Power Bank – This one is a must if you’re only getting one charger in all. It charges an iPhone TEN times and my laptop about 1.5 times. I don’t carry it around with me day-to-day because the small one (#1) is always in my purse, but this is in my carry on without fail, every single time I travel.
  7. Apple Charger – Braun got me this for Christmas and it has been incredible!! If you wirelessly charge, it works with your phone and watch at the same time + plugs into the wall block (#2). It just folds up into a little square and it’s awesome. It fits in that carrying case, too (#5)
  8. Multi-port charger – I have this at home next to the bed and if I’m traveling with the kids… I pack this and they call all charge their crap in one place at night without fighting over chargers 😂
  9. Braun’s Favorite Bag – I cannot believe I found this for $11.99! You better believe I bought extras to give away. Has a spot for everything and is really great quality.

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