Weekly Faves

It’s that time of the week!! Here’s what you loved:

  1. Vale Boot Sandals – these were 20% off at Free People.. I was shocked!! They rarely run sales.. this was a good one!! Can’t wait to see all your tags and how you style them.
  2. Lip Therapy Mask – this one is THE best. It was nearly 50% off this week and free shipping..
  3. Goosebumps Blankets – they restocked the cutest checkered prints in the large size blankets! Code: TARA saves you!!
  4. Beaded Bangle – I got lots of questions on this cute bracelet from madewell!!
  5. Red Aspen – tanning foam + the CUTEST new releases!!
  6. Ice Maker – I got SO much amazing feedback from you guys who already have this one and I’m so excited! I grabbed this for St. George and so far, so good!
  7. Madewell Shirt – loved this one. True to size.
  8. Geometry Towel Restock – These are the best.. braun wants to replace every towel in our house with them! Code: TARA saves you 15% off!
  9. TULA – their radiance set is an additional 22% off right now.. if that ends, my code: TARA will stack with the pre-discounted set. It makes it over 50% off.
  10. Ovenware – Our Place did it again.. this time – ovenware!! I did a full blog post with it HERE. Code: TARA10