Family Easter Picks

So, clearly, there are hundreds of ways to pack an Easter Basket!  But today I thought I’d share my tried-and-true method that takes out the guesswork and results. If you’re worried about ‘personalizing’ your kid’s baskets, don’t worry,  I got you covered!

Easter is such a beautifully calm holiday compared to all the others. We focus on togetherness and celebrating as a family. It’s not a holiday that we put a ton of emphasis on in the way of gifts but we do love to have an Easter egg hunt and have special outfits – is this a mom thing?

My own baskets are more pared down than others I see but I have learned over the years how to include just the right things to make kids swoon on Easter Morning.  Here are my must-have Easter Basket elements!


First, let’s talk outfits. These are way more important to me than my kids getting awesome, candy-filled Easter baskets. All of these picks are SUPER budget friendly (grabbed my girls some dresses above) but I gotta say, I haven’t been super impressed with big box store options. But when it comes to my girls, we definitely have small shop favorites!

Girl’s Dresses

My girls love Little Statements. They have the cutest selection of girl’s dresses and they just launched all of their spring line which would be PERFECT for Easter pictures. Plus, the dresses stretch, are super comfy, and the perfect twirling dresses (something my girls never tire of). You can shop all of their dresses and use code ‘TARA20’ for 20% off your entire purchase!


• • •


For whatever reason, I think boy’s outfits are so much easier than girls! Especially when it comes to Sunday best. And in the spring, there are so many good color options! My boys are pretty easy and will wear almost anything I grab for them. Jett is small enough that he’ll still rock khaki shorts to church with a collared shirt. Jett tends to stick with button-downs and khaki pants.

• • •


I love a simple, classic wicker Easter Basket. But shopping last minute is going to severely decrease your choices! Plus, I am not that mom that wants furry or fuzzy Easter baskets sitting at my house year round.

PINK BASKET          |          BLUE BASKET

My fix? Buying baskets I can reuse in my home. I love these wire baskets. They’re chic, big enough to hold essentials, and they can immediately be used around the home as optional storage! But if you still prefer a wicker basket, these colorful ones are great for telling your kids’ baskets apart.  If you aren’t a bells and whistles basket maker, I prefer a seasonal ribbon for a nice fluffy bow around the handle to give them a little special flair. And this classic filling for the interior – no fake green tinsel in this house!

And before I go into the individual choices for my kid’s baskets, there’s a reason you’re not going to see a ton of candy on here. I don’t want my kids to associate Easter with Halloween! I don’t want them thinking this is another holiday where they get copious amounts of sweets. Nothing wrong with it, you do you, but I don’t want to set that precedent. Here are the few candy items you’ll see in each basket:

  • Cadbury mini eggs – these things are delicious! My kids love them and they’re a special treat one time a year!
  • Peeps – Easter classic
  • Nerds Jelly Beans – ok, maybe these are just for me (haha) but also Anisten (my dairy-free kid needs good treats too!).

GIRL’S Easter Basket Goodies

My girls are so simple – they are into a few things right now like their calligraphy and journaling, so they’re simple to shop for! I’m restocking a few of their favorites, getting them a few new things like stickers (these roller sticker pens are awesome!), some new pens, and I even picked up a new lettering book that teaches whimsical lettering – perfect for two tween girls!

• • •

BOY’S Easter Basket Goodies

The boys – they’re simple too! Toys, gadgets, anything to keep them busy! Plus, I’m always sticking things in there like these shoes and small lego toy sets!

• • •

Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have a beautiful Easter sunday. I love this holiday and the meaning behind it.

Xx Tara


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    1. You definitely don’t need to start now. I would start slowly when they begin to walk by allowing them to participate in local easter egg hunts (that’s enough for a few years) and then graduate to a basket around 4 or 5! It’s different when you have more kids – but the first you can hold off on!


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