Father’s Day Gift Guide 2022

If I’m being really honest with you – Braun would take something handmade from the kids over a gift any day.. but that’s not really my love language 😂 He’s an awesome dad and there’s absolutely no one else I’d rather do this parenting thing with + I think that deserves a gift!

To honor both – I’ve put together a Father’s Day Questionnaire for kids to fill out for the Fathers, Grandfathers + Papas out there that kiddos can fill out and give on Father’s Day. Just tap the “download” button below the PDF that you want! You should be able to print it on a normal sized piece of paper 🙂

Another one of Braun’s favorite gifts that we surprised him with was a home video.. So many of you still ask me about it! It’s all linked up in this blog post.. We love watching it still to this day! Braun absolutely loved it and I would recommend this to any of you looking for an awesome gift. It’s a great way to capture your kids at the ages they are now and preserve a little bit of what life is like.

If you’re looking for a gift-gift, here are some of Braun’s fave things..

1. TUMI Toiletry Case – TUMI has recently become Braun’s fave brand for travel related things (except for a backpack). This toiletry bag holds ALL of his stuff and has a hook to hang.

2. Meat Thermometer – This one is our favorite. It works with four probes and Bluetooths to your phone so you don’t have to go out and check a bunch!

3. Nike Sling Bag – The TUMI one is his absolute favorite, but it’s spendy and he probably wouldn’t have bought it for himself. I got it for him for Christmas.. This is his favorite otherwise, though!! He bought this for every single guy in our family.

4. Apron – necessary for all the grill goodness..

5. Hooded Sweatshirt – This is his favorite LuluLemon Sweatshirt – yep, like the one he was trying to buy multiples of in Park City that day haha.

6. Remarkable 2 Tablet – I seriously don’t think he could live without this at this point.. he loves it and uses it every single day.

7. Golf Bag – this is the one that Braun has! 25% off right now plus free shipping. You can personalize it too!

8. TUMI Sling Bag – This is Braun’s absolute favorite sling bag… he brings this EVERYWHERE with him.

9. TUMI luggage – I could go on and on why this splurge is worth it..

10. Supergoop! – Anytime this goes on sale, Braun has me order him a bunch. Him and his golf buddies all wear this on the golf course! He also wears is while doing d2d work all summer.. It’s not greasy at all.

11. Traeger Grill – Braun LOVES his Traeger. He cooks dinner on this allllll the time.

12. Apple Watch Bands – Braun really loves the Solo Loop and the Braided solo loop. The braided one is a bit more forgiving in the summer when wrists are hot and sweaty and a bit swollen.

13. Stanley Ice Flow 30oz – If you follow along, you know he for sure couldn’t live without this. Remember when he forgot it on the plane and he was without it for days??? haha. My code there is TARA20.

14. Andar Wallet – He loves Andar’s wallets because everything has a home.. They cut all the bulk out of a traditional wallet + the quality is amazing! My code is TARA20

15. Crew Neck – He wears this often when he runs outside.. Lululemon fave!

16. Golf Shorts – When Braun loves something, he goes all in. Peter Millan has become his favorite golf wear brand lately! He wears their shorts and tops every single time he golfs.

17. Range Finder and golf caddy – Braun says this totally transformed his golf game.

18. Anker Charger – this charger works super quickly… this one is the best for on-the-go

19. Joggers – his all time favorite joggers from Lululemon!

20. Theragun Mini – He uses this daily.. heck, he even traveled across the world with this thing!! He has one downstairs in the gym and one for traveling/golfing.

21. Running Sneaker – These have been his favorite running sneakers for years and years.

22. Gucci + Ecco Sneakers – He loves both of these.. The Gucci are more expensive, but they’re both great.

23. Bose Headphones – these are braun’s favorite, especially when traveling (which he does A LOT)

24. Power Washer – This thing is so dang satisfying to use. We borrowed our neighbors one time and Braun immediately bought one.

25. T-Shirt – Braun has these in every color, and multiple in black… he really loves them.

26. Cologne – He has tried SO many colognes and comes back to this one every single time. It’s a good one.

27. Pillow – Yes.. a little bit spendy but the power of a good pillow is unreal.

28. Fancy Sneaker – These are his “fancier sneakers”

29. Qalo Rings – Braun wears this one all the time!

30. Apple Watch – He wears this every single day!

31. Nail Clipper Set – Another item that Braun gifted to every single guy in our family. The tools in this kit are legit!

32. Coconu – I don’t think I’ve got to go into much detail on why your guy will love this — but you should definitely try it.. Code TARA15 (it stacks on their discounted sets!)

33. Slippers – These are Braun’s fave house slippers.

34. Strong Fathers / Strong Daughters Book – This has been one of Braun’s favorite parenting books.. it’s a new-ish find for him (within the year I think) and he took SO many really awesome things from it.

35. Birkenstocks – these are a family fave in our house. Braun wears them all the time in the summer!

36. Why We Sleep Book – Life changing…

37. Truff Hot Sauce – There’s no going back on this, once we tried it, we were HOOKED. It’s a little pricey, but the bottle lasts awhile.

38. Ear Wax Camera – Seems weird, but I bet it’ll come in handy more often than you think.

39. Wireless Speaker – We’ve had this for a few years now and it still works awesome. It’s basically “life proof”.

40. Nomatic Backpack – Did you see my stories on why he loves this so much?! He honestly could be a sales rep for this bag.. haha. He even bought it for all of his guys the last time it was on a zulily deal.

41. Charging Station – This is what he uses every night to charge all his stuff. He hates cord clutter.

42. Hair Clipper Set – Basically every guard needed for any haircut ever. We’ve had this for years and it still looks and acts brand new.

43. Muli-tool Pocket Knife – This is a really awesome leatherman.. compact but still has all the things on it!

44. Projector – Tiny but mighty, this thing is about the size of a men’s wallet!!

45. Projector Screen – If you don’t have a big blank wall, this is a good screen!

46. AirPods – I’m not sure how Braun has managed not to lose an AirPod yet – I’m a little jealous. But, he uses these daily! They’re on sale right now.

47. Salt Gun – My guys went through pounds and pounds of salt one year trying to kill bugs around our house ha.

48. Sun Hat – A family fave.. we all have this one basically. Inexpensive way to spare your skin!

49. T-Shirt – Braun has these in every color, and multiple in black… he really loves them.

50. OONI Pizza Oven – I totally got Braun this last year and we are STILL waiting to have it hooked up into our propane. I’m annoyed about that buuuut, our neighbor has one and it’s amazing. Makes the BEST pizza. Braun was SO excited about it last year, it’s just been crazy and we haven’t hooked it up yet..

51. Toe Spreaders – IYKYK

52. Electric Screwdriver – He uses this ALL of the time.. from RC cars to glasses, this thing definitely comes in handy.

53. Meat Injector Kit – Braun uses this all the time with meats for the Traeger.

54. Center Console Organizer – He’s had this for years, and when he upgrades his vehicle, he buys the one that fits that. There’s one for your specific vehicle so make sure you look for that.

55. Power Tool Kit – If your guy doesn’t have a power tool set yet, get them one. It’s like a dual gift because then you can make a honey-do list for him too.. hah.

56. Mophie – This is awesome. We all have one in our vehicles!

57. Leaf Blower – no backpack, not break your back heavy.. heck, my boys used this thing last year!