Gift Guide for the Men – 2022

Braun is sharing his favorites of 2022 on this one! They are pretty darn good!

  1. Ugg Slippers – Braun loves these. The hard sole is what sold him, super cozy and if ya need to run outside you don’t have to worry about switching your shoes!
  2. Cuts Bomber Jacket – Okay, if you know Braun you know that he is VERY particular about his clothes, so if he is recommending something you know it’s good. He loves this bomber jacket! Of course it’s black! Code TARATHUESON will save ya 15%.
  3. Mind Journals – This is advertised as the #1 selling journal for guys and for good reason! Such a great one.
  4. Travis Matthews T-shirt– Braun owns A LOT of this shirt. It’s his favorite t-shirt ever. I’m sure you have seen him wear it in my stories. He told me not to put it on the gift guide because he doesn’t want you guys to sell it out! Hahaha
  5. Fine-Edge Knife – Super sharp, just make sure to keep it away from the kids!
  6. Apple Watch Ultra – This is the ultimate sports watch Apple has recently come out with. Water resistant and made with titanium
  7. Gel Pens – It’s an amazing pen.. nothing really more to say. Writes really well and is so smooth.
  8. Vessel Golf Bag – Probably one of the sleekest golf bags I’ve ever seen, I wouldn’t expect anything else from Braun. This bag is so nice!
  9. Pocket knife – I don’t understand why most men carry around one of these, but they sure do come in handy when I need a package opened. haha
  10. Peak System Phone Case + Wallet – This is awesome! The case a square on the back that attaches into all of their products. They have car mounts, bike mounts, motorcycle mounts, wallets, tripods, wall mounts, charging stands… I’m telling you this thing is COOL.  
  11. Magnetic Rangefinder – Not really sure what this does, but I’m sure if you’ve got a golfer they will love this! It’s also magnetic so it can magnet to the golf cart which is cool.
  12. Tommy John Pajamas – The only pajamas Braun and I wear. So soft and comfy.
  13. Stanley – I like the big tumbler version, but Braun likes the Ice Flow top instead! TARA20 works for 20% off all drinkware except the Quenchers.
  14. Electric Razor – I think he just likes this one because it’s got the same name as him. haha Just kidding, this one is great!
  15. Tumi Backpack – Braun travels A LOT and this is his go to backpack for that!
  16. Le Labo Cologne – Santal 33 – Braun wears 5 cologne’s and this is one of the 5. Smells so good.
  17. Stance No Show Socks – The whole fam loves these ones. The butter blend ones are soooo soft and they don’t fall of your feet!
  18. Anker Portable Charger – If you’ve been around awhile you know that these are our favorite charges. This one is tiny but mighty and can charge a phone like 10 times and a laptop around 2 times!
  19. Two-way Radios – Perfect for golfing, hunting, hiking anywhere where there isn’t service! 
  20. Nomadic Travel Bag – This has so many many pockets for organization, it’s compact, and can be worn as a backpack or duffle!
  21. Lulu Lemon Swim Trunks – When was the last time the man in your life bought a swimsuit? Odds are it was a long time ago, it’s time to upgrade!
  22. Mini Theragun – We both like this one because it’s compact enough to bring along anywhere. Really helps to loosen up those muscles and knots.
  23. Louis Vuitton Meteore Cologne – Another one of Braun’s favorite colognes!
  24. Purple Pillow – This is made with the same stuff that their mattresses are, the honeycomb latex! It’s cooling and never falls flat either!
  25. Bose SleepBuds – These are like tech ear plugs. They don’t play music or podcast and only connect to the Bose Sleep app to play nature noise, white noise, calming music, etc. Perfect if your traveling or sleep next to a snorer.
  26. Foot Peel Mask – Okay this is honestly DISGUSTING but it works so well and leaves your feet baby soft… takes a couple of days to peel and while gross it’s really satisfying.
  27. Sunglasses – Simple and sleek. He’s worn these ones for a while now.
  28. Pocket Knife with Scissors – Another great pocket knife option and this one has scissors!
  29. Foot File – Another way to get soft feet, the foot grader.. again, gross but it works!
  30. Tumi CrossBody Sling – A “manlier” version of everyone’s fave crossbody. Great compartments to get everything organized.
  31. Airpod Max Headphones – They are pricey, but we both love these ones!
  32. Airpod Max Case – If your buying the headphones, ya need a good case! This is the one.
  33. Gun Safe – If you own one, it’s important to keep it locked away SAFELY. This has been the best and Braun is obsessed with it. 


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