Lake Tahoe Recap

Have you ever been to Lake Tahoe? I hadn’t ever been but the second I told you guys I was going, I had one DM after another coming in with your favorite things. This was a super spur of the moment trip for us. Kids were going back to school soon and this has been a really stressful summer for both Braun and I so we wanted to get out of town for a few days before kids went back. 

When we went, we had no idea how long we were going to stay. We actually booked the hotel the morning that we left. Well strike that… we left around 9pm.. stayed the night in Elko, Nevada which is about 4 hours outside of Salt Lake, Utah. We stayed at the Hampton Inn because apparently them and the Hilton have the best breakfasts (says Braun and the kids!) The next morning, we started looking at places to stay on the way there. Talk about being spontaneous! 


We found a hotel called Northstar online and booked it for 3 days. We got there in the afternoon and were basically shocked once we pulled up. It was so nice and we got so lucky for finding it. **Warning: It was not budget-friendly but our options were super limited booking it the same day! You can find units to rent on both Airbnb and VRBO.


• • •

Once we got there, we knew we were going to want to stay longer. It reminded of us of one of our other favorite little ski towns called Sun Valley, Idaho.

So you can essentially stay all around the lake. We had so many people tell us to stay down south, up north, to the west, etc. etc. Wherever you decide to stay, I am sure you will have a great time. We stayed on the Northwest side of the lake and loved it. We were super close to restaurants, the adorable town of Truckee (which had yummy food, lots of shops and SO MANY things to do outside.



Our favorite things that we did while there were:

River Rafted down the Truckee River

Plan for about 3 hours. Don’t forget a speaker for tunes, a backpack filled with snacks, a camera, and some water. It was super chill and is great for kids of all ages. There is one scary-is part at the end of the river right where you get off. But like its barely scary. Not bad at all!! 

Horseback Riding

The price wasn’t too bad, you can choose from 1 or two-hour rides and the people were super friendly.  It was a bummer because Jett couldn’t go on the ride but the rest of the kids and I loved it.  Even though Jett couldn’t go on it, Braun still got to walk him around the meadow a few times and he loved that. We pretty much laughed the entire ride. Anisten’s horse was slow as heck (the guide joked that hers only had one speed) while Dash’s wouldn’t stay on the trail. His kept wanting to eat snacks. 

Biking along the Truckee River

Biking along Lake Tahoe near Sand Harbor. The views here are seriously unreal. The paths are paved and super easy for kids of all ages.

Sand Harbor beach

Our favorite spot at the lake (and one that SOOO many of you guys wanted us to go to!). Everyone told us to get there early because parking fills up quick. It was so so pretty. We didn’t bring any sand toys so we only went there to check it out and fly the drone but I will for sure go back. It was BEAUTIFUL. 

A few things we were super glad we brought with us:

  • A cooler with ice packs – we love our YETI
  • Lots of Snacks

  • Our speaker for hikes. It’s: wireless, waterproof, and shockproof
  • Keens or Tevas
  • Our bikes (there are SO MANY trails all over) and scooters
  • Jackets (it is in the mountains and gets chilly in the evenings
  • A first aid kit (lots of exploring calls for lots of bandaids)
  • Extra Battery

Basically anything outdoorsy. It is a hikers dream and even with staying for 5 days, we didn’t hit near what we wanted to which is why we have to go back soon! 

If you have Lake Tahoe on your list, make sure you go read the comments on THIS instagram post! There are so many fun ideas on there.. I can’t wait to go back one day!

Xx Tara

P.S. Have any additional recommendations? Leave them below!

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  1. Vicksholm castle (spelling?!) it’s an easy hike down with kids and can push a stroller if you have littles. This castle is on its own private beach. Built by a long time ago and it reminds me of Elsa and Anna’s castle. It’s beautiful!


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