Summer Savings with Our Place

Partnership with Our Place

Last time I was here chatting about Our Place, I shared with you the launch of the Ovenware Set (which quickly became a staple in my house!!) – and my favorite recipe for Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas (HERE), and this month I have even bigger news.. Almost the entire Our Place site is 25% off to say good bye to summer.. since I chatted about Our Place last on the blog they’ve launched a bunch of awesome products and I’ll share them with you below – along with our favorite quick croissant recipe! 🙂


Gosh, this Ovenware Set has been so amazing for us. Not only is it awesome to cook on and very easily clean, it makes the cutest serving tray. I raved about this in THIS blog post – and truly, I love it as much as I do now, as the day I first tried it. It’s an absolutely awesome 5 piece set, in their top selling color ways to start! It comes with a 5QT Cast Aluminum Roasting Pan (The Oven Pan),  3 Ceramic Bakers – Main Bake, Side Bake & Tiny Bake, and 1 Silicone Baking Mat. The Oven Pan can be used for baking, roasting, crisping and cooking PLUS it can be used as a griddle on gas or electric stoves (and hellooooo to the cutest charcuterie board when the oven mat is in!?). The Oven Pan has Our Place’s exclusive PTFE- and PFOA-free ceramic nonstick interior and the 3 Ceramic Bakers have a naturally non-stick glaze.. that means easy cleanup! All of the dishes are oven-safe to 450 degrees F. My favorite feature though?? Look at them nest together for easy storage!


Step one is to cook your bacon! I like using the Costco Pre-Cooked Bacon because it’s so quick, and usually I make these for a pack of hungry kids. You could totally use one of the baking dishes from the ovenware set (probably my favorite way to cook bacon) but I was SO excited to test out this Cast Iron Always Pan and it did not disappoint!!

Have you seen a cuter cast iron pan?! probably not. If I think of Cast Iron I immediately think heavy + the black color. It’s unbelievably easy to take care of. The enameled cast iron gives you all the cooking benefits of a raw cast iron pan (that typical black one you’re thinking of!) without the headache and upkeep. No seasoning, no crazy rules. I love that I can move it from stovetop to oven to broiler, which means even more recipes to try! It’s oven-safe, low maintenance and super durable. These silicone grips are build in to the pan, but they did also recently launch HOT GRIPS for the regular always pan and perfect pot!!

Our Place Bowls | Always Pan

Next you scramble the eggs! Dash always loves cracking the eggs.. really, he loves everything about experimenting with eggs (my poor neighbor that squashed the science experiment….) . He’s a perfect egg cracker and takes a lot of pride in shell-less cracks, though!!

I love that Our Place makes everything cute + functional. I know in my family’s “best dishes”, egg cracking and scrambling with a fork probably wouldn’t have been allowed… They would be up in a cabinet and never touched (amiright?!!? Haha!) I don’t have to worry about these getting ruined at all.. the quality is awesome. These Tiny Bowls are fairly new to us.. They are a perfect size for a few eggs, a small bowl of cereal, rice, side salads, dips, appetizers, desserts.. you name it. They also can go in the oven!! The large bowls are awesome for soups, salads, big bowls of cereal, etc!


The hardest part is for sure stuffing them all! You just take your croissant and layer all the things.. add bacon, eggs, cheese. Pop them in the oven at 375 for 12-14 minutes and you’re done. That easy..


When they’re done they’ll be golden brown and sooo yummy. My kids like to dip them in either Maple Syrup or Ketchup.. if that tells you how opposite my kids can actually be, I don’t know what would!

Another super cute product they’ve come out with lately is their Mini Perfect Pot and Mini Always Pan .. I cannot wait to try them!! It’s going to make cooking so much more for functional than it already is..

We have SO many Our Place favorites around here.. We seriously use something made by them every single day.. if you browse through my blog you’ll find tons of posts full of information about all of our favorite stuff – and I really stand by those reviews!! I’ve gifted these at favorite things parties, to my parents, in laws, you name it.. Quality + Cute – two of my favorite things. You can grab almost anything on their site for 25% off through Labor Day weekend to celebrate (or mourn if you’re me… haha) the end of summer! Here are some of our faves: