I’m Currently Loving…

Here’s a compilation of the things I’ve been loving recently! They’re in highlights on IG, but I thought I’d make a permanent spot for them here from 9/20-9/25

Target Sweatpants – I love the rise on these, plus they’re soooo soft!

Mesh Jacket – There aren’t many sizes left in this but if you’re usually a medium 8-10 you can get this for 50% off… and I’ll be super jealous haha.

Long Shorts – the waistband of these are super comfortable and the length is great. I have a daily on these showing the size difference. I recommend staying TTS!

Charm Bracelet – So dang cute! It’s currently 20% off for insiders (free to join)

ELEMIS collection – ugghhhh, sold out. However, THIS SET is a freaking incredible deal.

Linen Pants – my favorite green pair is on MAJOR sale.. but there’s some suuuuper cute new colors, too!

Quilted Bag – Reminds me of my favorite MZ Wallace bags.. waaaay cheaper. I love the big squares.

Winter Jacket – this one is SO cute! I love the pockets + drawstrings.. I’m having a hard time deciding between the two colors.

No Show Socks – these have over 26k 5 star reviews.. that’s what sucked me in! These are super comfy.

T-Shirt Dress – Ummmm, those sleeves. I love. T-shirt dresses are the comfiest! I love that they made this one so cute.

Quilted Bag – Another quilted bag! This reminds me of my favorite MZ Wallace bags but for a fraction of the price. 

Dress – Totally forgot to link this a few weeks ago and keep getting asked about it! Sorry! Comes in a few color options and I’m in a small! 🙂 

Long Sleeve Dress – Yep. I love both of these. Great quality too and a good price point!! Imagine that cream one this fall with booties and some chunky jewelry. 😍 

Earrings – My girls were gifted these from their cute aunt for her wedding. I plan to steal them. The texture is so good! 

Birkenstock Clogs – Yep. They’re back. Y’all know my love affair with Birkenstocks! No breaking in and they’ll last you YEARS.

Shorts – these are super comfortable!! Stock up for next year, they are 60% off right now!

Quilted Sweatshirt – maybbbeee I’m just feeling the quilted look this year, but this is adorable! Look at those sleeves! 5 color options.

Sweater – the collar detail on this is so cute. It’s on clearance + selling out quick.

Beanies – Ahhhh, I know its not beanie season yet but I cannot resist these daisies!

Vans – did you see my Nordstrom blog post?? Because it has IRL pics of this. These sneaks are the BEST.

Beaded Key Rings – If you’re a mom, you NEED this key ring. It’s so helpful when your kids ask you to hold 109347874 things while you’re walking to the car or into the house.

Kid’s boots – these are the cuuuutest! Ordered for the boys. There’s a bunch of color options.

Sorels – Braun lovvveees sorels! These sneaks are the best.

Tank – I bought this months ago at full price… it’s dang good. + on major sale!

Jacket – this is so cute! I ordered the black ones for both of the boys