Top Sellers for the Week of 9/20

Top Sellers for the Week of 9/20 – 9/26

#1 Red Aspen – in the top 10 for like… a year now hah!

#2 Fenty Fam Sale – major 25-30% off sale happening!! you can see all my faves on my blog post. There’s even a video to show how I apply!

#3 Henry Clean Spritz – you know I take my dog products verrrry seriously.. henry clean milky spritz is our favorite way to eliminate stinky dog syndrome between groomings. you guys sold them out of one scent completely, theres still a few bottles of candy coat left!

#4 Jeans – I seriously better be seeing some tagged pics soon!! these jeans are the best…size up 1-2 sizes.

#5 WM Dress – Also want to see some tags on this amazing dress!! it is super comfy + you’ll see me in this a ton this fall.

#6 Bathroom Towels – Apparently we must all have similar style because the amount of towels + hand towels that sold blew me away!!

#7 Sneakers – you guys sold Nordstrom out for a hot minute on these buuuut they’re back!!!

#8 Poop Pills – IYKYK. these have savedddd me.

#9 Modere – you all know I drink my collagen daily! Recently I added trim + burn to my routine. See my whole blog post HERE.

#10 Tula Primer – this is a crazy good deal on QVC right now!!

Honorable mentions: Beaded & Bright Co Mask Straps (you guys sold them out!).. when they reopen you can totally request halloween ones!!