Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Can you believe Mother’s Day is already approaching!? Yep, Sunday, May 9th. So here’s a good guide for things she actually wants… hint, it’s not flowers and chocolate. This is a compilation of my favorite tried and true things… Sorry Braun, you can’t shop off this list this year.. I have ’em all!!.

1. Visor – Love the colors in this one and how it rolls up. It’s UPF 50, perfect for summer! I also reallllly love this one too…

2. AirPods Pro – I mean us moms love our kids, don’t get me wrong… but it doesn’t mean we want to hear them ALL of the time. These are perfect for plugging in some tunes/books/podcasts so I can be sidetracked by just how awful laundry is to get done!

3. Adidas Ultraboost Sneakers – These are my favorite sneakers for doing workouts, taking a stroll or just simply running errands. Super comfortable and they look great on your legs and with leggings!

4. Perfume – This perfume by Clean Reserve has been my favorite for as long as I can remember. The scent is super subtle.. perfect for everyone and smells clean!

5. Apple Watch – Notifications on the wrist, perfect for a busy mom on the go. Mine holds me accountable for moving a little more, and also reminds me to breathe and take a minute when I need one. The new SE is an inexpensive option with all the features! I have the 6!

6. Birkenstocks – The easiest shoes ever. Just slip them on and go! Super comfortable, and this style you can hose/wash off if they get dirty. The copper color is my favorite.

7. Loopy Phone Case – Help her save her phone from being dropped a million times (most likely by the kids) with this phone case! They’re my favorite and come in a ton of options. Use code: TARA10 on one or TARA15 on two or more.

8. Makeup Bag – My favorite makeup bag.. you’ve seen how much stuff I have.. this holds it all! Use code TARA25 for 25% off!

9. Pons Sandals – I’ve seriously had mine for 6 years and they still look brand new. Super comfortable and super cute! Worth every penny. They run TTS and they do stretch a little with wear.

10. LuluLemon Belt Bag – my favorite fanny pack. I use this one all of the time when I am hiking, running, doing errands, on day trips, etc. Both my girls have them and I recently got a second. It really is the best!

11. Eye Massager – This has saved me from SO many migraines, plus helps with dark circles, bags under the eyes, dry eye and if done before bed, improves sleep. I have the white one and it is perfect to use nightly before bed. It’s super relaxing, which is something us moms don’t get often! Plus its heated and rubs you in all the right places. Yes, I said that. It’s THAT good.

12. Sticky Note Printer – Keep checking back on this link, it will become available again and you’ll want it, promise!!

13. iPad & Apple Pencil – The ultimate Mother’s Day gift in my opinion. I have the iPad Pro and 2nd gen Pencil and use them daily. Then tell them to download the app Procreate and get some digital coloring pages and BAM… they’ll be so zen.

14. Everyday Tote Bag – This one is made of recycled materials, is sturdy and has LOTS of pockets for organization – including a padded one for that new iPad you’re getting.. right?! LOOOOVE every color they come in too!

15. Leather Tote Bag – This was my first tote style bag I ever bought and I still love it. Timeless as ever and gets better with age. Monogrammable too!

16. Dyson Air Wrap – Want to know the real secret to my hair… here it is. I wish it was cheaper… but it truly has been my favorite hair tool I have EVER purchased. I bought it 3 years ago and don’t even use my regular blow dryer anymore.

17. Massager – Perfect for neck, back and shoulders. Love this one. Have had mine for at least 10 years.

18. Stanley Flip Straw Tumbler – Doesn’t every mom have a mug/tumbler obsession? Stanley is mine. These new flip straw tumblers are the best! I grabbed a few of the 64 oz for the beach/pool for the kids and I! Hydration all day long that will stay cool. Don’t worry, the Quenchers are coming back soon.

19. Beehive Meals – This one is for Utah locals only.. but this has made my life so much easier & everyone I gift them to agrees! My mom was so flipping happy with this gift. The first thing I bought her that she hasn’t returned. Use code TARA for $10 off.

20. Amazon Echo – basically it is my second brain. it reads me books, stores my grocery lists, tells me the weather and unbeknownst to me helps my kids cheat on their homework. Alexa is my 5th kid around here.

21. Poppy Lane & Co – my favorite bracelets. I wear the 14k Rose Gold 3, 4, and 5mm, a custom name bracelet with my kids initials and a custom birthstone bracelet. All at the same time and they are beautiful! Code TARA15 will save you 15% off!

22. Lipgloss – I’m not sure if I’ve gone a day without this since I created it. It’s creamy and not tacky, and wears really well! GOALS & BLOOM are great colors. *hint hint* Code with Shine is always TARA.

23. Heart & Quartz threader earrings – these earrings are my favorite, and you guys love them too! They’re super light weight and don’t irritate my ears either which is a win!

24. MZ Wallace Phone Bag – This is the best for a cellphone and a couple of cards on the go.. I didn’t think I would love it near as much as I do! I bring this on every vacation we go on!

25. Bearfoot Dreams Blanket – This blanket is worth every penny, but, here’s a good dupe too… sizes are a little different but they are both cozy!

26. Ugg Slippers – These are my favorite to wear around the house or to school drop-off.. sorry kids. Ps. Here’s a good dupe, but know no dupe could be as comfy as the real deal.

27. Red Aspen Nails – 15 minute mani for $13-15, that will actually last 2+ full weeks, plus a ton of makeup options including my favorite eyeshadow palette.

28. Moji Products – Love the AirMoji and scent pods. The scent lasts and lingers vs. being a puff every now and then. Nothing out there compares to these products. Check out my Moji Products blog post to see my favorite scents and scent comparisons!

29. Nightgown – Nesting Olive has been a favorite of mine for a long time.. there’s a sale happening right now and that link auto applies the discount. All products are BOGO 50% off!! After that sale ends, use code TARA for a discount!

30. Keyring – The keeper of all of my important things.. slides right over my wrist so I don’t lose my keys and I can hold onto them without it being a pain in the buns. Lots of color options. I have the same tan leather one for years!

31. Digital Picture Frame – because choosing one picture is just too hard. Give your siblings the app login and all of you can upload your families pictures to it!

32. External Phone Charger – Every mom needs one, or two. This one is inexpensive but works the best. It’s also super thin so it doesn’t take up much space.. all cords are cables are already attached to it too.

33. Pillow Cases – Silk pillow cases are the best for healthy hair and skin, plus they stay cool and are super comfy! These are inexpensive and zip around your pillow!

34. Kindle & Cover – The best for readers. I love the features on the Oasis. Perfect for lazy days at the pool or beach!