My December Amazon Purchases

Christmas, birthdays, keeping kids entertained for hours…let’s just say that December was a busy shopping month. And being me, Amazon was heavily utilized to make sure that not only was I able to find an assortment of goodies, but I was also able to get last-minute Christmas shopping done, AND get everything delivered on time. We’ve got a mix of fun outdoor AND outdoor activities, crafts and beads, organizing containers (it IS the new year), and some bug stuff because…well, because Jett is still my child.


1) These WATER BEADS are not a new toy in our house but they are a favorite which is why we picked up more for the holidays!

2) Bugs are always going to be popular in this house and a GIANT BUTTERFLY GARDEN is still a bug…just a prettier one! This kit has everything you need to grow your own!

3) STOMP ROCKETS tick all the boxes: rockets, things that fly, and stomping.

4) We’ve had a ton of hours of fun with this SHOOTING GAME. Don’t worry, it’s super soft and wouldn’t hurt a soul.

5) SLINKY –  a crowd-pleaser at every age.

• • •

6) ok, these were a new one for me! Instead of Heelies, these HEEL WHEELS snap on to any pair of shoes your kids have!

7) PERFECTION is the game that you try to get right and every second that goes by makes you more and more nervous and anxious because you’re waiting for the board to explode.

8) Make your kids street demons with this NIGHTHAWK ELECTRIC RIDE-ON TOY.

9) We pulled out these GLOW STICKS for New Years’ but having a pack on hand just in case you need a night in of fun is smart.

10) This glow-in-the-dark MAGNATAB has kept Jett busy for HOURS! This is even something I’ll see the other kids pick up and play with.

11) These SNOW TUBES are awesome – they’ve got a pull handle and a cover bottom so no snow gets in!


12) This MAKEUP FRIDGE was a long-time coming! I got it so I could keep all of my makeup and serums in my bathroom!

13) I picked up this 10-PIECE DRAWER SET, and 2 different 6-piece drawer sets. I got both because one set had trays all the same size and one set has varying sizes of trays. It’s 2021 and I DID hire a professional organizer for Braun, so I thought I’d jumpstart things by gettings the things we need to get organized!

14) I also picked up these CLEAR STACKABLE COSMETIC DRAWERS to go underneath my sink. I love that they’re clear so I can see what I’ve got in there. I’m also trying to use more of what I have.

15) these SHIRT ORGANIZERS are my last-ditch effort to get our closets organized! I can’t be the only one with excess t-shirts and no place to put them!



16) These fun FLOWER PENDANTS have made the perfect centerpieces for jewelry that the girls have made!

17) I call these CLAY DISCS the puka shells of the millennial world! They’re super colorful and look awesome stacked to make necklaces and bracelets.

18) The girls necklace lanyards are a big hit and the girls got these new CLAY FLOWER PEDANTS to add additional flair to their pieces!

• • •


19) Since Anisten insisted on making her own birthday cake this year, we had to come up with our own CAKE TOPPER. Amazon had a ton of cute ones!

20) These FOOD GRADE FOOD COLORING drops made for a very colorful baking day.

21) I wasn’t sure what we were going to need so we also got this set of DECORATING TIPS & TOOLS.

22) CAKE DISCS make the moving, icing, and stacking possible!

• • •


23) This space-saving CAN OPENER is one of the things I picked up for the St. George house and it’s awesome!

24) I got these awesome SKY LITE LASER PROJECTOR for each of the kid’s rooms! They love them and take them everywhere.

25) All kids should have these SCOOTER SUITCASES – they’re awesome and you don’t end up carrying a kid or their luggage.

26) Since it’s winter, we picked up a second pair of ASCOT UGGS lined with sheepskin.

27) The pups paws were getting chapped with all this outdoor time so we grabbed MUSHERS which helps protect them!

• • •


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