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This week has been a little crazy! Are you feeling the crush of the holidays like me? I feel like it just sneaks up on my every single year and then before I know it, is over. It also makes me feel like I can’t keep up on linking for you and so I’ve taken my most requested links from this past week and am linking them here!

My Hair Essentials

Easily one of the things I get asked about on a regular basis: my I do my hair and I do it with! I’ve included a couple of links below:

Hair tools


I link this baby all the time and it really is a game changer. My hair is coarse and is naturally curly so I need a good amount of the right product and enough heat to smooth it out. I use this extra LARGE paddle brush (having a big one makes a big difference!) and hair dryer to blow out my hair. Once that is done, I section my hair with these clips and curl 2″ sections around the flat iron. I finish with this oil.




pink hair

Rose Gold Hair, Don’t Care

This rose gold hair color from Kristin Ess has been so fun and easily one of the most requested links since I got back from Hawaii. It’s super simple to put in, isn’t intimidating and only lasts 3-4 washes. You are probably only going to get 3-4 applications per bottle but at $3 a pop, it’s way more affordable than going to the salon.

My hair does not smooth out like this easily but this brush from Amazon is AMAZING! The B5 or B7 are my top choices. If you want a tighter curl/curve to your hair, go for a smaller barrel size.

brow dye



Yes, I know the dye I use says not to use on brows. I know. Still, prefer it. But, I recommend you follow the instructions from the manufacturer and choose the best choice for yourself. I’ve been doing this for years…

I also trim my eyebrows with this scissor and comb. Keeping them trimmed and groomed will help with their shape! I keep a bag of disposable spoolies in my drawer and use them for trimming, combing dye through my brows and just keeping them brushed.

A good brow gel like Anastasia will keep them in place after all of your hard work! If you need a tutorial in trimming and shaping your brows, YouTube is a huge resource!



Acne Treatment from TULA

If you watch my stories you saw that I recently got TULA’s new Blemish Control Kit. You are going to save $17 by buying the kit than these 3 as standalone products. I really, really like the acne gel (the Aqua Gel and Cleanser are already everyday products in my skincare routine) and wanted to update you about my progress and how I’m using it.

(You can check out my full routine here.)

The Acne Clearing + Tone Correcting Gel gel contains 2% salicylic acid to clear up acne, prevent breakouts, and has visibly reduced the red spots on my skin left from healed acne. Elase Spa has been my go-to for skin treatments which can sometimes bring a lot of impurities to the surface. This is a fantastic spot treatment.

I use the Clarisonic Mia to clean my face but I just purchased the new Clarisonic Mia Smart Cleanse & Uplift and I’m so excited! I upgraded because they’ve improved their technology and I wanted the two new heads they’ve come out with, the Sonic Awakening Eye Massager which is supposed to help alleviate puffy eyes and firm the skin. The second head is the Firming Massage Head which is primarily used for lymph drainage and skin firmness.


The Moisturizer I Can’t Live Without

I didn’t think I was going to be switching moisturizers anytime soon, but post Hawaii + Winter is almost here and my face is SO DRY. This stuff is liquid gold! Gosh, my skin is so dry and during the winter it’s way worse. I was sent this as a gift from Biossance and I am planning on purchasing this myself once this is gone. You guys love it too! It’s one of my clicked on links this month!

From the manufacturer: “Squalane + Omega Repair Cream is formulated with lipids that mimic and support skin’s natural moisture barrier. Squalane, omega fatty acids, ceramides, and plant sterols help nourish and restore moisture, especially in dry and depleted skin. It replenishes and strengthens skin, and smooths the look of texture, fine lines, and crepiness.”



Bum Attire

Here I was thinking I look like a bum and you loved this outfit! The shoes are Vince and go with everything. The pants are old Lulu and I didn’t think they’d be bringing them back but they did! They are the comfiest pants in the world – like sweats but look normal. A few of you told me these are your “go-to office” pants!!

I did an entire blog post on my Apple Watch which you can read HERE. And my necklace is Jazlyn Feild. I have a few pieces from her and love them all.

Kopari Links

I try so many new products each month and you may have seen when I raved about Kopari’s All Natural Deodorant a couple of days ago!

If you’re like me, the Allure Best of Beauty Awards has always been like the Bible of beauty. They are THE Word on what beauty products are best, live up to their promises, have been tested by thousands, and are loved by all.

You guys all said you love this and I can totally see why! This is definitely one of this month’s favorites!




shoe links


I do have a shoe post in the works but until then, these are the two pairs of shoes that are the most requested! I’m trying to get better about linking shoes when I buy them because a lot of times you guys ask and I link them only to find they’re gone!

Sad face!




But I promise to give you guys links more often and when I find those things I love!

Stay Tuned!


XX Tara





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One Comment

  1. This day, in that outfit, was the day my bestie, and I met you! First thought she and I had was, dang lady, you so pretty! Next, I just had no doubt of you and your families goodness! No, I don’t know you personally. I’m sure you’re not perfect (fairly close though). I just could sense that there is no doubt you’re just as good as I thought you were! Also, i had a little feeling that I wish there was a way to slap you with love, without interrupting your life! You were at city creek, conference weekend, Jett’s birthday too, no less and here we come, bombarding you with love. You all were so sweet about it! And I know you are grateful to be loved! I just felt a tiny bit bad. Sure adore you though. Keep it up!!


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