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Am I the only person who feels like it’s only when I have a lot already going on that I decide to throw more on top? That was us this month when the kids had a new fall break that lasted an entire week.

So, we did the only sane thing and decided to hoof it (just kidding, we flew) to Disneyland and spend a few days at the “Happiest Place on Earth.” Although, it doesn’t feel very happy when it’s 10:00 PM and every kid in there is either asleep (Jett), half asleep, or having an epic meltdown because they need to be asleep. If you’re a parent, you know what I’m talking about!

Thankfully, my month started very differently…

…Braun pulled a “I’m in the running for Husband Of The Year” move and booked me a staycation so I could take a couple of breather days – and it was the perfect way to end September and start October!

Kicking Off Fall

October really kicks off the fun/nightmare holiday months! But at least with October, you don’t have the crazy crowds that you do with November and December. We got in some fun activities this month like Lagoon and a surprise breakfast (that apparently I was hosting) thrown by Emery! But it did give me a chance to break in my double waffle maker!


Aside from impromptu breakfasts with 12 yr olds, I also made some changes for myself!

Protecting My Eyes

I recently purchased blue lights glasses and had so many questions about them that I put together a blog post all about blue light. If you haven’t done your own research or purchased any blue light blockers, what I found out was really eye-opening and super scary! It was really alarming for people my age and for kids under 14. It convinced me to get blue light protectors for all of our devices!


• • •

And once I checked eye health off my list of to-dos, I was in need of a change. So I went RED! In my last blog post for 5 Tips For Perfect Fall Hair, changing your hair color is in my top 5! It’s the perfect time to switch it up and make that change you’ve been thinking about. If you’ve been bleaching all summer or have been thinking about giving it the chop, the fall is my favorite time to do it. It’s hair rehab time!


Disney Xs 2

October was also the month for multiple Disney trips! Layla and I traveled to L.A. for Poppy & Dot and our trips are never complete without at least one afternoon spent with the Mouse!


And of course we tried every macaron in the park! They always have the funnest concoctions at Halloween!

When we headed back down to CA with the whole family, I made sure that we tried them all again. Haha. Our kids were such troopers. Jett was sooo tired that first day – he was falling asleep all over the place! I love how hard they play when we’re at the park. We get back to our hotel and they all just pass out from exhaustion.


Adult Coloring

After many requests I also put together a blog post about where we shop for all of our Disney Duds that you can check out here: Where To Shop For Disney Clothing

One of the things that helps pass the time on our roadtrips and on airplanes are coloring pages. I finally put together a post about the coloring page subscriptions we belong to along with how I use the Procreate app to upload our coloring pages! We have so much fun with this app and it’s nice to have something theraputic to do at the end of a long day!


• • •

The things We Buy

There were so many good sales in October and I know a lot of you got in some early Christmas shopping! I seriously think you guys bought all of QVC’s stock of Barefoot Dreams blankets – haha! That blanket, along with a few other favorites, are worth the splurge. In fact, I put together a list of 10 items I’ve splurged on over the years that are totally worth it!

I mean, I guess if I were a celebrity or minor millionaire, I wouldn’t think twice about the money I spend but with a mortgage and 4 kids, this mom isn’t whooping it up at Barney’s! But over the years,  I’ve been able to invest in some pieces that I’ve really grown to love!

I’m so glad I got to share these items with you but even more excited that you guys found some things you love in the month of October! So without further ado, here are your top 10!

Dupe there it is, dupe there it is! I love me some Lululemon Align pants - if you haven't tried them, they're basically about as close as you can get to feeling nude, without actually flashing your kibbles and bits. I love them! But I don't super love their price tag. These pants are the closest thing I've ever found to them. They're not an exact replica but for a fraction of the price, I'll take it! These are slightly more "huggy" then the Lulus but I kind of love that about them! Order a pair or 5 and I promise you won't regret it!
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There must be something in the air because #1 and #2 on your most purchased items in the month of October are leggings! But, they're totally worth it. For $26 - $29 bucks a pop, you can buy 3-4 pairs of these instead of one pair of Lulus. I'm not saying you have to ditch the Lulus completely but these definitely make the wallet happier and they're just as good if not better!
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For the moments when you spill crap all over your counters and your feeble attempts to hand scoop it just make your kitchen look like you let your littles have a food fight blindfolded. This counter squeegee is another one of those, I didn't know it existed but now can't possibly live without, type of products! It's got a bristly side for dry spills and a squeegee side for wet spills. Makes cleaning up messes easy, and is oddly satisfying to use. A clean freak's bff.
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12 APM
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Whoever invented slip-on shoes DEFINTELY had children. I can't even begin to describe the euphoria I feel every time my kid comes out to the car with their shoes on! Please tell me you fellow parents do a little victory dance every time one of your kids does something all on their own. It's instant validation that you're teaching them all the right things (even if slip-ons are cheating a bit). These ones are super durable, snug even without laces, and look good! Coming from this kid-shoe connoisseur, trust me, your kid will love these!
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Long before bike shorts were a trendy Kardashian fashion staple, they were simply practical shorts meant to withstand repetitive friction during a bike ride. But these high-waisted, cut long, and made from stretch fabric shorts have me hooked. They're basically your favorite yoga pant that don’t go all the way down to your ankles (obviously; 'tis the nature of shorts), and they've got pockets. I've been wearing them to Disneyland for the past few days and I'm mad I've never worn them out before. You will be, too!
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It feels like Christmas in my house because 'tis the season to start scratching your skin off and terrifying your spouse with dry hands and feet. Not the type of Christmas you want? Me either. Shocking, I know. So to keep my skin less lizard and more baby bottom smooth, I drench myself in this stuff. The Weleda Skin Food is GOLD if you live in a dry climate or are prone to dry, rough skin. The tiniest bit of this is so hydrating and leaves my skin super soft and moisturized. Less than $12 and will last you awhile.
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It doesn't matter how many times I tell you guys about these sports bras - they are ALWAYS on this list! Your bank account just called, they want all the money you've been lighting on fire buying pricey sports bras back. Guys, these bad boys are the real deal. They hold your money maker's in place just as well as an expensive Lululemon bra, come equipped with removable padding, and are priced at a whopping $6! You're welcome.
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It has legitimately taken me almost 2 weeks to find more of my battery container after you guys sold it out when I posted it on my account the other day! I'm the girl who likes order and organization for the messy things in my life. Loose batteries half wrapped in their plastic wrap or banging around in drawers leave me guessing if they've been used or not is not my idea of a good time. Keeping them in this container ensures that anything I pull out of here is fully charged. It's like having a first-aid kit for all your new toys come Christmas morning!
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There are many, many things about getting older that my 13-year-old self could’ve never anticipated. Postpartum mesh panties and a furry face pretty much top the list. The Tinkle razor is basically the greatest thing to happen to my face since, well, ever. These easy to use little razors take off that nasty little layer of dead skin and peach fuzz we all have (if you’re reading this and you’re over 25 and you’re thinking, not me I don’t, take a hand mirror very, very, close to your face. I told you so.) leaving skin feeling baby smooth! Helps so much with makeup look and longevity! I swear by them. Long live the Tinkle!
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