TULA Exfoliator

Let’s talk acne… Everyone has it, no body likes it. So why does it exist!? K, I don’t really know the answer to that.. buuuuut, here’s one of my favorite solutions to getting rid of it. TULA Skincare. I’ve been using this for three years now… in between I have tried a few other things but I land back here every single time.

This blackhead exfoliator scrub is one of my go-to’s. It has clean ingredients (not harsh chemicals!) to clear out the gunk and probiotics to replace it and replenish your skin with good stuff. Bonus that it smells sooo good.

If you’ve never used TULA before or can’t decide what you want to try.. I recommend their kits. They are already discounted plus my code stacks. I did a post on the kits and their purposes HERE. I also recommend taking their skincare quiz!

My code TARATHUESON is good on their entire website all the time 🙂

Oh, my bracelets are Poppy Lane & Co! You can use code: TARA15 there anytime on anything 🙂