August Top Sellers

All the things you were loving the most in August 2022!!

MOJI – I finalllllly got a code!! It’s TARA10 for 10% off the whole site. They’ve launched some awesome fall scents, and I have a huge blog explaining what it is and what my current faves are if you’re new here, HERE! 🙂 You’ll never look back.

Emery’s Daisy Necklaces – you guys really showed up to support emery with her little biz when she launched these necklaces and I’m so grateful! She’s worked hard on every order and is truly so thankful. She’s saving up to buy a car.

Stanley 30oz IceFlow Cups – These are truly the best.. Braun basically shed tears when he misplaced his on vacation. They launched new colors and are on sale right now.. when the sale ends, my code for them TARA20 will turn back on! 🙂

Chalk Markers – I hope all your kiddos are enjoying these as much as mine do.. gosh, I find my girls with cute drawings on them all the time. They’re also amazing for hand lettering projects on chalk boards or glass!!

Amazon Fanny Pack / Belt Bag – a Lululemon dupe! So many cute colors available and the price is awesome.

Pillow Slides – these are the ULTIMATE pillow slide.. they’re back in stock and still on clearance at HSN. $24.99!

Goosebumps Blankets – our all time favorite travel and lounging blanket.. these guys fold up super super small and I love them!! We don’t leave home without. Code TARA is always active on their site for 15% off.

Kindles – Kindles were on sale for a little bit this month.. I shared ALL my amazon reading favorites on the blog HERE. I love the cute new white kindle (the small one!) if I didn’t have my oasis, I would definitely be purchasing.

Clean Simple Eats – I had a crazy good coupon code for the Bananas Foster protein this month and SO MANY of you snagged it!! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on that flavor. Code: TARA saves you 10%!

Target Bag – This is a close alternative to my favorite free people bag!! I can’t wait to get it and show you guys the differences/similarities. I lovvvve this material on this one. It’s way cute.

Pens – I was honestly SHOCKED how many of you bought these pens. They really are the best out there.

Vans – understandably on the top sellers.. these are SO cute and I love them so much! Vans are super comfy and I have quite a few pairs, as do all my kids.. this color though?? It’s the BEST. It’s a creamy tan/jute color checked with the black.

Target Bodysuits – these are the best! Size up for less of a wedgie. I was excited to see they came out with a long sleeve in a crew neck… most are V-necks or henley! Go target.

Tweezers – good tweezer lovers unite.. haha. These are the BEST.

Perfume – boujee on a MAJOR budget?? BACCARAT 540 DUPE! Save around $300 and grab this instead. Code: TARA20 will save you 20% on anything on the site.