July Top Links 2021

YOUR top faves that I shared in July 2021! If you’ve got FOMO – now’s your chance!!

Red Aspen – this is no big surprise because the colors this past month have been the CUTEST! Annnnnd, the ones that are coming in August don’t disappoint. You’ll want them, promise!! The cutest daisies launched today 🙂

Stanley Products – Ahhh, I know you all know the 40oz Quencher was for sure the top seller for the month BUT the flip top was shortly behind it. We took these to Mexico and I’m so glad we did. The no spill feature was fantastic for the kids, especially for the amount that the boys dropped them.. haha. We took them through TSA with ice only and filled them up in the airport. The kids had the 20 oz and Braun + I took the 30 oz!

QVC It Cosmetics Bundle – this is getting pretty low in stock… I think like only 4 color options left! So if you’ve had your eye on it, snag it. I’ve been using the heck out of those shadow sticks and this is the only non-tube mascara I’ve liked.

Free People Hot Shot Romper – I’m still living in this, this summer. I take it with me on every vacation — and it’s coming with me this week to Mexico!! I grabbed that red color and the bottom one also.

Fire Tablet – This deal was so dang good on QVC last month! I couldn’t pass it up either. Hope you are all happy readers right now!! I think the deal changed a bit, but it’s still a sale price.

Free People Hot Shot Onesie – finallllllllllly a restock + some cute colors to boot!!! I know I grabbed a couple more!

Scout Bags – This is what I took with us boating! It held allllll of our things and still had room. Mine is the four boys tote – but the waterproof one is only 2″ smaller and still would have been more than big enough. I’m curious which ones you guys snagged – so tag me when you share it!

Shine – I’m so happy you guys are loving the new Lip Velvet as much as me.. it was my second product collab with Shine. My first was Goals + Bloom and you all are still loving it and even layering it with Lip Velvet!! They came out with a new Lip Velvet color, too. It’s bright. Code TARA will save you a little extra!!

Way Home Shorts – I’m pretty sure these are eternally in top sellers.. they’re THAT good. The quality for $30 is unbeatable and they suck everything in. I really love these! Lots of colors available right now!

Bikini Top – I shared this when my girls’ wore it and you guys loved it + your girls did too! It’s from target, I think they also have the matching bottoms but my girls really like kortni jean bottoms.

Amazon Dresses – Blue + White – I wore these to weddings + extended family photos! You guys sold them out but they’re finally back in stock. The blue I would recommend sizing up. White is true to size. Tag me when you get them, I wanna see!!

Moji – I was so happy to see they did the free Canada shipping last month for you guys, along with their yearly sale. I super love everything they offer and it works sooo much better than any other scent thing I’ve tried (and that’s basically all of them haha)

Pill Case – no surprise that this was at the top. This thing saves me when traveling!! It’s super handy and holds a lot. I’m prepared for literally anything when I travel..

Coconu – So how many more of you now secretly call me the lube lady?? hahah. My fave is the oil one – but the multipack is a great way for you to figure out what your favorite is! My code is TARA15 🙂

Phone/Tablet Stand – I have used and loved this for so long, and I hope that all of you are too. They had this on a crazy deal last month.. like more than half off! It looks like this month’s deal is EVEN BETTER. $14 with the coupon!

Modere – this is the collagen I take daily for hair, skin, nails + joints! I think it’s made a big difference with my hair for sure. They changed my code to TARA to make things a little easier than the super long number it used to be.

Neck Fan – I’m still laughing that this is on the top sellers list, haha! I thought for sure this would Peter out buuuut you guys have continued to love this. I’m headed to Mexico again this week and you know this is packed!

Beaded + Bright Co – My girls opened up a little Etsy shop making mask straps last year, and then switched over to bracelets.. well, they’re back open for both! I’m so dang proud of them and thankful for all of the support you’ve given them. They work super hard on these and often late nights to get them done super timely and enjoy all of the things they love doing.

Girls Bras – this one in particular was the top seller but here’s a blog post to all of my girls’ favorites + a list of what you guys recommended!!

Kinky Curly – this is one of Emery + I’s go to hair products. I have a blog post on all of our favorite straight hair products and curly hair products if you wanna check out more!

Scooter Luggage – ahhhhh, the best product ever invented when traveling with littles. These are perfect for my boys, however, it sometimes is a struggle not to hit people when it’s super crowded….. anyway, I hope your kids are loving them as much as mine!

Boys’ Pants – These have been my boys’ church pants for as long as I can remember (unless they’re in suits!). They’re super comfy and not hard or scratchy + they’re inexpensive so when they grow out of them it doesn’t hurt your soul to replace. IYKYK. They last really well too!

Clean Simple Eats – My favorite protein! I drink this nearly everyday. It really is “clean” eats. If you look at the ingredient list it’s dang good. A few of my favorite flavors are available right now! I did stories the other day on how I make my shakes, but every bag has a recipe on the back! I have a crazy collection of their recipe books too. There’s great stuff in them.

Hair Ties – it made me laugh to see these on the top sellers reports because they’re so boring buuuuuut I suppose every female needs a good hair tie. We still really love these! The girls wanted the neons, but I ordered the neutrals for me.

Goosebumps – I totally got them to expand my code this month because so many of you were bummed you could only get the adult sizes and your littles were left out! I did a whole blog post on our current faves HERE.