August Top Links

Most loved August items..

Red Aspen has held the spot here at the tippy top of the top sellers since last year when I started up this crazy fun little biz. I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned, friends I’ve gained + especially for cute nails that I love! Brush on glue is back and on sale until the 10th!!

It makes me laugh really hard that this apple slicer is one of the top best sellers last month.. but I will say it’s 100% the best apple slicer on the planet (that I’ve discovered to date anyway, ahahah!)

These pants are my boys’ faves! We stocked up on them for back to school this year because they grew into new sizes, but they’ve been wearing these forever.. especially the colored ones for church! HERE is their back to school post, and HERE is the girls’.

I shared these shorts just a couple of days ago but you guys have clearly loved them! I suggest getting your true size, but if you aren’t sure HERE is my post showing both sizes on me.. true + size up.

I can tell that a lot of you have kiddos back in school that require masks, because I’ve received a bunch of DMs and the girls have received a bunch of orders for their mask straps… specifically the little size. Thanks for choosing them to order from, you guys rock.

If you have a loopy case, you need this car mount too! I searched for YEARS to find one that fit and finally found this car mount. HERE is my post explaining how I use it! Both the Loopy Case (code TARA10 or TARA15 on multiple) are on the top sellers list!

They restocked this hot shot onesie in sooo many colors this month! A few of them are still available, but you guys snagged a bunch of them. I have like 4-5 colors of this and I love every single one haha! I ordered the new purply color recently.

Pretty much every single lunch item from my blog post was on the list.. so if you’re still in need of lunch items, HERE is my blog post! 🙂

Tula had a fun sale last month — but I still have a code! TARATHUESON 🙂 Their products are some of my favorites and I use them every single day, especially the cult cleanser!

Moji finally came out with fall scents! Hallelujah. I have a Moji blog post HERE! They always sell out quickly so shop soon!! They’re only available seasonally.

Clean Simple Eats was a popular one this month, understandably because their protein is so good! They came out with a pancake mix too.. I shared my blender on a QVC deal! It’s been really great for making protein shakes and smoothies. Most of you purchased then, but a few of you purchased again recently when I shared it with my CSE blog post HERE.  Code: TARA saves you 10%!

I’m using these glass jars for the candy wall in the theatre room + for my dropps laundry pods. Sooo many of you ordered, I’d love to know what you’re using them for!!

These trimmers are what we use for Braun since he had to miss too many laser hair removal sessions when ‘rona hit and closed down the shops. They’re amazing!!

These bowls hold a whole bag of popcorn. No more greasy, butter covered hand from reaching in the bag. We have these downstairs in the theatre room. Everyone gets a bowl when we start a movie!

I actually haven’t checked stock on these shorts in a bit because I have soooo many pairs hahah. I love them though, and clearly you guys keep tabs!! Lots of colors and sizes available right now – even the newer colors!

Thanks for cheering me on as I finally pick finishes for our basement renovations guys!! These mirrors we put in the bathrooms are so dang cute! Theres like 5 sizes and a few finishes to choose from.

If you haven’t grabbed yourself a billie razor, you are definitely missing out. HERE is a post on all my billie favorites… the new color is SO cute!

I wore this blue dress to the wedding and sooo many of you loved it! Remember to size up one if you’re a little bigger chested. I’m in a medium here. This white one was super popular too. True to size here.

This sweater set has been one of my fave items lately… I did a whole post here on a couple of ways to wear it HERE! I’m glad you guys are also loving it!! I have both sizes. The crotch hangs low, which I love. It’s super cute with the top + jeans!

These boots are sooooo dang cute. Definitely going to be a fall staple for me. HERE is a post on them close up, and HERE they are styled.

I’m still over here being the lube lady, haha. Coconu is always on the top sellers list, rightfully so. They’re doing a fun event on the 11th I think I may attend locally. I hope to see you all there!! If not, shop online with code: TARA15

Collagen has been so important in my daily routine to help me grow my hair!! I’ve added more Modere products into my life lately and you can read about all of them HERE! Seriously, let me know if you have any questions on anything. The products are amazing, and the feedback from you has been great. My code for them is TARA

This pullover is super cute + super comfy. I’ve had lots of questions on whether or not it’s cropped… I’d say it fits boxy, but it is not cropped. Make sure you tag me in pics of how you style it!!